Pretty in Pink | Rose Print Dress + Blush Blazer

Hello and happy hump day! This is a scheduled post since I’m currently on travel. As mentioned in my last post, here’s my last outfit shoot from LA and also an early Valentine’s Day inspiration. My friend and I drove around looking for a nice pink wall to go with this outfit theme. The things […]

4 Valentine’s Day Casual Hairstyles

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I put together a tutorial so here’s one for Valentine’s Day coming up. The hairstyles are fairly simple and pretty quick aside from curling hair portion in first style. Also the fan bun below looks best with straight hair. Enjoy!

Vday Casual | Kiss & Metallic Pumps

Hey everyone! In light of Valentine’s Day coming up this Friday, here’s a fun casual outfit to celebrate with your loved ones and SO’s. If you need more ideas for casual wear, check out last year’s Valentine’s Day outfit post. I love red–it represents love, passion and since I’m Chinese, luck. And who doesn’t love […]