Phoenix Arizona Travel Diary | What to Do & Where to Eat

Happy Friday! I’m back with my last post on Phoenix and where I will be talking about what to do and where to eat in the area and boy do I have a long post for you. If you missed the where to stay in Phoenix post, be sure to check that out! Also, be […]

Travel Diary | What to Expect in Iceland During the Winter

Hello everyone! As promised, here’s an in-depth post about my trip to Iceland and where we stayed, what we ate, and what we did. Basically, what you can expect when visiting Iceland during the winter. You may have seen some sneak peeks on my instagram and stories while I was there. Be sure to follow […]

Travel Diary | Exploring Barcelona

Hello everyone! While you’re reading this, I will be en route to Honolulu. As you can see, I’ve been trying to hold onto summer as long as I could and now just escaping it altogether to feel the warmth and sun on me again. Be sure to follow my instagram and snapchat (mslabellemel) for fun […]

Travel Diary | Exploring Florence

And now here we are in Florence. The first night we arrived after spending the day in Rome, we walked straight to the Cattedral di Santa Maria del Fiore Duomo and had barely enough time to walk up the entire length of the dome to catch the magnificent sunset over the city. The first time […]

Travel Diary | Exploring Cinque Terre + Pisa

So when we got to Florence, we made it our hub and spent the night there, then it was back on the train bright and early the next morning to Cinque Terre. We took the train into La Spezia than transferred to a local train that took us to each of the five fishing villages […]

Travel Diary | Exploring Rome

So for the second week that I was in Paris, KL popped in to stay for about two weeks and we decided to take one week heading south to visit parts of Italy and Spain. First stop was Rome. It was about two hour plane ride with a connection in Barcelona. The best way to […]

Travel Diary | Exploring Paris + Normandy

Hello everyone! I’ve finally had some time to edit my Europe trip from January and thought to do a travel diary post each week. A month away there resulted in a ton of photos that I plan to spread out according to cities, so stay tuned for more. The photos below happened on different days, […]