Product Review | DESSANGE Paris Purifying Clay Mask + Shampoo

In light of Paris fashion week, I want to talk about the Parisian beauty line call DESSANGE Paris, which launched its product line in Target stores all over U.S. The creator, Jacques Dessange opened his first salon in Paris on the Champs-Elysées and was a world-renowned creator of pro techniques like “California Blonde” plus went […]

Afternoon Cravings Home Edition | Going for the Gold

Hello everyone! I’ve been super busy with my new place trying to move and unpack little by little. I can’t fully unpack yet until most of the renovations are done downstairs, but at least my loft and bedroom are ready enough for me to set up. I hope that this is not a phase, but […]

Summer to Fall | Navy Mixed Prints + Pop of Fuchsia

Happy Labor Day! Seriously can’t believe it’s September already which means getting ready for autumn like putting away the whites, bringing out the dark colors of burgundy, blues and greens and apple pickings. But if you’re like me, you can still incorporate the bright colors of summer into your fall outfits like adding a pop […]

Casual Getaway | Grey Tee + Floral Skirt

Hey everyone! Here’s a no-fuss casual look for today while I was in Florida for a short weekend getaway/work. I still got to enjoy the lovely weather and sunshine down there so can’t complain much. As you know, I’ve been on such a crossbody bag kick lately only because it allows me to free my […]

Casual Valentine’s Day Outfit: Tweed & Hearts

Hello all and Happy Valentine’s Day! So this weekend I am heading out to Chicago to attend hubby’s carnivale themed dance at his school-should be fun. =P These photos were taken several weeks ago, so I didn’t really plan it for Vday, but how appropriate would this outfit be for a casual day out. I […]

Unexpected: Floral Shift Dress

Several weeks ago, MD got a week of beautiful, warm weather in the middle of Fall. Hey, I couldn’t complain. Gave me an excuse to wear this dress from Target that I thought had to wait till next Spring. =)

Fall Neutrals: Stripes & Leopards

Hey everyone! Since I got this dress from Tar-jay of all places, I have been loving the ease and comfort of this one piece. You can totally dress it up or dress it down if you like. I have been pairing it with multiple looks, so definitely a versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. […]

Falling: Bold Stripes & Magenta

Hey everyone! I had meant to prep this post for Wednesday but never got the chance to. Had to get ready for a day trip to Philly for an engagement session – didn’t realize it was going to take 12 hours of my time. Anyways, my eyes are barely opening as I type this, so […]