Adele’s 2012 Grammy Makeup & Hair Look

The first time I’ve heard about Adele was from her song “Chasing Pavement” and since I don’t watch music videos anymore, I honestly thought that she was black with all that soul in her voice. When I saw a live performance sometime last year (I can’t remember when or which one), I was shocked to […]

Romantic Valentine’s Day Makeup & Hair Look

Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a tutorial! My last one was back in December – way too long. Anyways, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and I wanted to whip something up for you girls. Here’s a soft, romantic pink and purple look with hair using this velcro Asian bumpit that […]

Holiday Silver Bells Makeup and Gorgeous Curls Tutorial

I wore this look to my friend’s holiday party last Saturday and thought it was a great time to film and show you what I did for my hair and makeup that night. You can also check out what I wore for my outfit as well as a tutorial on my holiday nails. I hope […]

Face-Off: L’Oreal’s Extra Volume Collagen Mascara vs. Lioele’s Carry Me Mascara

Few weeks ago, I tweeted on how I may have found the perfect dupe to my current HG fave – Lioele Carry Me mascara. The reason why I even went out to find a dupe is because whenever I’m close to running out of my fave mascara, I would panic a little inside. Why? Because […]

Elegant Masquerade Hair & Makeup Tutorial

Earlier in the summer, my sisters and my cousin all planned a trip down to New Orleans for some Creole fun. I, unfortunately, had to stay behind due to job change status and hubby’s disapproval of me going. I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t join in on the fun. But my youngest sister, L […]

Selena Gomez’s "Love You Like a Love Song" Hair and Makeup Tutorial

This song has seriously been on repeat for me the past couple of weeks and I even got hubby hooked! I love music videos that incorporate several different looks into one and this one’s no dfferent – each of her looks was just as interesting as the next one. I’m almost tempted to do another […]

2NE1’s Follow Me Hair & Makeup Tutorial

I’ve been starting to do a series of Asian Celebrity-Inspired tutorials – first one started with Devon Aoki from my last tutorial. I don’t typically follow Korean music nor Japanese although I do listen to a few select faves from each genre. Lately it seems Korean girl bands have become all the rage and 2NE1 […]

How to Have That Lasting Curl for Asian Lashes

Ever have lashes that are just too stubborn that you can’t do much with them? My lashes have gone through regular mascaras that just make them droop down and run down my face, which is why I’ve always used waterproof mascara. They have also gone through spider-looking lashes that smudge under my lower lashlines. After […]