iMomoko Haul & MAC Naked Honey & Graphic Garden Collection

I was super excited to receive my Beautymaker from iMomoko last week, but didn’t have the time to blog about it until now. I was able to use them last night and the scent was just heavenly and the texture felt so good to the touch as well as on my face. I ordered the […]

Whit’s swap, mini haul & award!

I just received Whit‘s swap package yesterday and boy when she said she was sending me samples, she sent me SAMPLES! There were lots to choose from for sure. I did ask for a few MAC products from her sale that she included as well as samples from Cosmedicine to try out. Thanks Whit! I […]

iMomoko Haul

As promised, my last and final haul came in yesterday which I had ordered last week before my makeup diet entry. I would’ve been good late last week if I didn’t see Tia’s tweet on her friend’s site giving 10% off on products. However I have been wanting to try out the white BB cream […]

Another China Glaze haul & more!

AHHH! I’VE GONE AND DONE IT AGAIN! Seriously I need help. =P With a sale like this, I just couldn’t resist! Also I’ve read so many reviews on the Laneige Strawberry Peel as well as the yogurt mask so I had to get it. I just love it from the sample that Mona gave me. […]

Caudalie & Sally’s Beauty mini haul

So after seeing that promotion on, I had to venture out and take a looksie at the colors. =D I’m so glad that I did bc the summer collection has arrived there! I’ve checked before about a month ago and did not find any which is great! Now I don’t have to order them […]

A mini CCO haul

So the past weekend, I took Fuz to Leesburg Outlet for some shopping time and of course I had to stop off at CCO to check out more stuff. Fuz was not even the slightest bit tempted to pick up anything there. hehe.. oh well I tried. I was hoping not to get anything but […]

Guess What Came in the Mail Today?

I walked into my office late this morning as always and there, laying upon my guest chair, was a small Nordie’s package . Of course I knew what that was and yes I broke down and got it! *hangs head low* Darn you M & Fuz – my two lovely temptress!! haha. Sigh, but it […]


My Spell Cosmetics haul came in and I couldn’t wait to try these pigment eyeshadows! There was a sale on this about a week or two ago and I got all of this for around $50 including shipping. Not too shabby. I’ve been wanting to try these for awhile since the colors come off really […]