Summer Casual Bridal Updo

Hey everyone! So this tutorial was actually filmed three weeks ago and I just got around to editing it. Apologies for taking so long to put this up, but I’m glad I was able to do so before Summer ends. I can’t believe next month is September already–sheesh! Anyways, this hairstyle is not limited to […]

Game Of Thrones: Khaleesi/Princess Daenerys Casual Braid Tutorial

Hey everyone! As promised, here’s the tutorial on how to do Khaleesi’s casual braids as shown in this grecian-inspired outfit. As for the hair, although it took me about three tries to get it to where the braids looked decent enough, I know with more practice that my next three more tries would be perfect. […]

Spring Awakening Sneak Peek: Cheralee

hey all! I love doing fashion shoots like the ones here, here, here and here — just don’t have enough time in the day to plan one these days! Doing a shoot like these helps keep my creative juice flowing and still reminds me of how much I love photography. I like to think that […]

Jennifer Lawrence’s Oscar Hair & Makeup Tutorial

Hey everyone! It’s a shame that Jennifer Lawrence’s fall was the most talked about after the Oscars, but honestly, I was more interested in her hair and makeup look. Had this on my to-do list and finally got around to editing the video. Materials used: Makeup: Eye: UDPP in Eden Urban Decay Naked Basics in […]

Skyfall’s Bond Girl Tutorial: From Sultry to Vampy

I haven’t done a tutorial in what seems like forever and now that wedding season is over, I had a little spark of inspiration which came from the most unlikely places – the movie Skyfall. I am not a huge James Bond fan by any means, but after seeing a few tutorial pop up on […]

Six Simple Hairstyles for Work or Back to School

It’s crazy how the summer has flewn by within a blink of an eye and already time for those students heading back to school. Well, if you need simple and easy hairstyles for those early mornings to class, here are six that you can choose from. These hairstyles are also great for everyday work as […]

Anne Hathaway Catwoman’s Hair & Makeup Tutorial

Happy Friday everyone! I am currently in NJ right now preparing this blog post to go up for the opening day of Batman’s The Dark Knight Rises. After watching the preview recently, I absolutely adored the hair and makeup look of Anne Hathaway as catwoman when she was dancing with Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne […]

How-to: Two Ways to Create a Ballerina Bun Tutorial

Happy Friday everyone!! It’s been awhile since I’ve done a hair tutorial so here’s one that is super simple for those who want to create a ballerina bun. I’ve been watching this new show call “Breaking Point” and have always had a fascination for ballet dancers. I give them major props to be on those […]