3 Easy Spring Prom Updo Tutorial (No-Heat)

Now that spring is here, it’s all too soon for prom right around the corner. So here are three easy udpo hairstyles that you can recreate for your prom night. All you need is just some hair ties, bobby pins and a bit of hairspray. Watch tutorial after the jump.

How-To Tutorial | 5 No-Heat Updo Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hey everyone and Happy Monday! It’s been too long since my last hairstyle tutorial for short hair, so here’s another segment showing you 5 updo hairstyles that you can rock for the holidays. Super easy and super simple. See more after the jump.

How-to | 4 Easy Back-to-School or Work Hairstyles for Short Hair

Hello everyone! I have teamed up with Aussie to bring you four casual hairstyles that you can do for back-to-school or work for those who have short hair like me. Of course, if you have longer hairstyles, these would work just as well. I’ve used Aussie hair products in the past and loved the products […]

How-to: 4 Flower Power Summer Hairstyles

Happy 4th, everyone!! So I’ve always done some sort of 4th of July theme post on this blog such as my nail tutorial from last year, nail tutorial from previous year, outfit one from last year and outfit two from previous year. That’s not to say that my food blog was left out of the […]

Disney’s Frozen | Elsa’s Makeup + 2-in1 Hairstyles + Sequin Ombré Dress

Hey everyone! Sooo, I don’t know if you know this, but I am a little bit obsessed with Frozen. Just a tad. Anyways, I’ve been wanting to do a tutorial on Elsa’s makeup and hair look during her coronation and also her “Let It Go” scene but finally was able to find some time to […]

Back to Basics Episode 2: How to Get the Perfect Curl using 4 Types of Iron Tools + Curling Tips

Hey everyone! When I made my last “Back-to-Basics” video teaching 5 braiding techniques that you can do for your hair, I had the honest intention to continue the series to include more. Well, I guess that didn’t really happen…until now. Oops. Better late than never! =P Anyways, I got quite a few comments on how […]

5 Ways to Rock a Ponytail Today

Happy Wednesday! You may not know this, but I don’t typically wear my hair in a ponytail. Instead, I usually opt with pulling my hair into a tousled bun when lounging at home or heading to the gym. However, on the occasions when I do wear one, I thought it would fun to pick five […]

Six No-Heat Hairstyles for Dirty Hair, Don’t Care Days

So when I saw this hashtag for “dirty hair, don’t care” going around pinterest about a month or two ago, I thought it would be fun to put together 6 hairstyles that would help you get through those in-between wash days. You can wear them to work, school, or even lazy casual weekend. This video […]