First Impression on ghd Curve Classic Wand | Easy Concert Performance Hairstyle with Sensible Stylista

Hello all and happy hump day! So this post is very special featuring my blogger bestie in this first impression on the ghd curve classic wand creating this easy performance hairstyle that any hair-challenged friends could easily replicate. It also helped that the ghd curve made it super easy to create effortless wavy curls with […]

My Day to Night Bun with Remington Perfect Bun Tool

Hello everyone! Today, I wanted to showcase how I would use Remington’s Perfect Bun tool to style my hair from a day to night bun look. I’ve done a sock bun look in the past, but having medium-length hair doesn’t give me much length to turn it into a nice sleek bun and that’s where […]

How-to | Asymmetrical Lace Braid Updo

Hello everyone! So, if you haven’t seen my instagram yet, I have gone and lopped off my hair which I will talk more in another post. In light of that, I was able to film one last tutorial before that happened which you can see below and that’s the asymmetrical lace braid updo. It’s so […]

How-To | Flower Braid Updo

Happy Monday everyone! I’m currently still in New Orleans but I wanted to schedule this tutorial post with this flower braid updo that I’ve seen floating around Pinterest for awhile. I also enlisted a friend of mine, Angela, from ABPan Photography who is an amazing HDR photographer in the DMV area. I absolutely love her […]

How-to Tutorial | Lace Braided Donut Bun

Hey everyone! So here’s a super duper easy and quick tutorial on how to achieve the lace-braided donut bun. All you really need is one hair tie and a donut mesh or if you want to see how to create one with a sock, you can check it out here. For the rest of this […]

Back to Basics Episode 2: How to Get the Perfect Curl using 4 Types of Iron Tools + Curling Tips

Hey everyone! When I made my last “Back-to-Basics” video teaching 5 braiding techniques that you can do for your hair, I had the honest intention to continue the series to include more. Well, I guess that didn’t really happen…until now. Oops. Better late than never! =P Anyways, I got quite a few comments on how […]

4 Valentine’s Day Casual Hairstyles

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I put together a tutorial so here’s one for Valentine’s Day coming up. The hairstyles are fairly simple and pretty quick aside from curling hair portion in first style. Also the fan bun below looks best with straight hair. Enjoy!

Get Voluminous Curls with QT Performance Clipless Iron Review & Giveaway

Hey everyone! I hope you enjoyed the warm temps over Winter Solstice weekend! I know I sure did. With Christmas holiday being this week, it’ll be a short one for me, so no complaints here. Anyways, about a month ago, Flat Iron Experts reached out to me to review a product of choice from QT […]