Choose a Moisturizer That’s Right for Your Skin Type

We all know that not every moisturizer is created equal especially when it comes to our skin types. No matter what your skin type is, it’s without a doubt that a moisturizer is important for your daily skincare routine and yes, even if you have oily skin. But how to pick one out from the […]

5 Steps to Your Nighttime Skincare Routine

A nighttime skincare routine is a must if you want to maintain a healthy skin. Your skin goes through repairs at night as you sleep, so it’s important to keep a good regimen. So, here are five steps that I go through every night no matter how tired I am.

4 Easy Ways to Save Your Skin Now

So you may be thinking that you’re still young enough to not worry about your skin. However, it is better to protect your skin now before any signs of aging occurs. Because when you signs of fine lines on your skin, the effects are irreversible. Here are four ways below that you can start saving […]

Eat This: 5 Power Foods for a Healthier Skin

As you know from my last healthy skin post, healthy skin is not just about the outside. It’s what you eat on the inside that counts most. Here are 5 power foods to help you nourish your skin from the inside out and thank goodness I love eating them.

Nourish Skin from the Inside Out

As you know, it doesn’t help to just moisturize on the outside if you don’t start by nourishing your body from the inside. We all know what food we take in will most likely show up on the skin the next day–depending on how good or bad the food is. The Good image from: Viewallpapers

5 Ways to a Healthy Skin

Hey everyone! As some of you may know, having a healthy skincare routine is high on my list especially as we continue to age. Your skin is the biggest organ of your entire body and the only one you have, so taking good care of it can definitely prolonge the signs of aging. So it […]

Feel the Flavor: Blueberry and Passion Fruit

Hey everyone! So I am excited to announce a little contest hosted by Crystal Light via Glam Network for Crystal Light’s Feel the Flavor Sweepstakes. Each week for 4 weeks, Glam will announce a winner (4 winners total chosen at random) to receive a gift bag full of fun summer essentials. To enter: Head over […]

T.J. Maxx Spring Trends: Black & White

Hey all! Here’s another outfit trend brought to you by T.J. Maxx and this time we were asked to put together a black and white outfit – the classic color combo. In order to mix things up, I wanted to play with textures and what better way to do that but with a sequin skirt […]