Instamix: Sunflower fields, Sister’s wedding & Major Foodfest

Hey everyone! I apologize for the late update but been busy trying to catch up from the weekend. Although it was tiring, it was a weekend I’ve been counting down to for awhile. First, the sunflower fields finally found with the help of my photo friend, Abpan Photography. I am always amazed by her HDR […]

Odds & Ends | NYE Festivities & First Day of 2012

Was invited to my friend’s NYE potluck dinner, so I made some Asian-style sliders for the event. Saw this recipe one night while hubby was flipping through channels and landed on this show called “Easy Chinese: San Franciso” with Ching-He Huang teaching us how to cook Asian food. Always love learning from others, especially from […]

Odds and Ends: Buffalo

Here’s another weekend update – went to Buffalo to visit the in-laws so from left to right: Was in the 20’s, so found these cow-looking slippers around the house and wore them to keep my feet warm. Don’t they look like reindeer though? =P Hubby’s parents get influx of magazines coming to the house for […]

Asian-Style Stir-Fry Green Beans w/ Eggs

First video on the cooking channel with a simple recipe. Already have another recipe prepping soon when I get back from vegas so can’t wait to upload that. In the meantime, hope you all enjoy! Ingredients: Bowl of chopped green beas5 EggsSalt & Pepper1 t of Soy Sauce1 T of oil Bon Appetit! See you […]

Fuz’s Bday and weekend!

So apparently Fuz can’t blog about anything party-related on her page so you’ll have to read the fun over here. I know, I know. My page’s nothing as exciting as Fuz’s animated pics but it’ll have to do so bear with me =P Anyways, I was meeting up with Fuz on friday night to celebrate […]

Meet & Bon Chon!

Fuz was too happy to be done with traveling to Harrisburg each week so she put together a little meetup yesterday with two other ladies, Cindy & Effie. =) We met up at The Amore in Annandale before they closed and then headed over to Bon Chon. Of course, let me start off with some […]


My lovely sister lives in Jersey, only 20 mins from Mitsuwa so of course I told her about the wonderful japanese market and she was more than excited to head over there and check it out. Naturally, I asked her to get me a few things since we were going to be home last weekend. […]

NYC Trip with my Beauty Bloggers!

This past weekend, Fuz and I took a road trip to NYC to meet up with Smerfette & Cuttibebe for a day of shopping for beauty products (hey, we don’t call ourselves beauty bloggers for nothing! hehe) However, first we had to try out Iuppido’s famous ramen noodles. The food was amazing! I just couldn’t […]