Summer Neutrals | Gold Lace + Skinny Whites

Happy hump day, everyone! I don’t know if you noticed, but I have no order when it comes to posting my outfits so hence the post below was from several months ago when I was home for the weekend in Philly. You will also see that I still have my long hair–not missing it yet! […]

NOLA Day 2| From Day to Night Romper

Hello everyone! So for day two of my NOLA trip, I brought along this romper to do a day to night outfit pairing to show the versatility of one item. In just a few quick changes, you can really turn a casual outfit and glam it up for a fun night out. The asymmetrical hem […]

Girl’s Night Out | Navy Jumpsuit + Leopard

Hey everyone! For a girl’s night out, I like to dress comfortably and wear something that won’t bunch up when dancing, because really, who has the time to keep re-adjusting throughout the night? So when I saw this jumpsuit below, I knew it was the perfect thing to wear for just that and best yet, […]

Mixed Prints | Leopard + Stripes + Dots

Happy Monday! Hope you all had a great Father’s Day weekend with your papas. I did go home to Philly for the weekend, but had a wedding to help second shoot on Saturday, so hung out with the family most of Sunday. This outfit below was actually shot several weeks back when I was home […]

Airy | Leather Lace Top + Swooshy Calf-Length Skirt

Hey everyone! Here’s the last outfit from Florida and I have to thank my baby sister for helping me take the past few outfit photos. She’s also brutally honest and never fails to let me know if there was an angle that made me look too big or why I was making a face during […]

Double Flounce | Ruffle Sleeve Blouse + Skirt

Happy April Fool’s Day! Apologies in advance for the grainy photos below. Unfortunately, after I finished cooking that day for hubs when he last visited three weeks ago, the sun was setting way too quickly and my last outfit below barely made it before we ran out of light. Lesson learned. Do not cook and […]

Fall Prints: Chevron & Leopard

Hey all! Nothing reminds me of Fall than bright cherry red, deep yellows and oranges. Add some prints to the mix and you are ready to welcome Fall with open arms. =) You may have seen this red trench coat from last year and I am always happy to break it out when the temps […]

Details: Black on Black

Hey everyone! I feel like I’m a bit behind in my posts, but slowly catching up. There’ll be a Beautycon post (I know, so late) that I am working on and a few NYFW posts coming up. I also have a hair/makeup tutorial that I still need to edit the video and post, hopefully this […]