Instamix in Buffalo: Thanksgiving, Toronto & Snow

Happy Monday all! I hope you all had a great long Thanksgiving weekend. As mentioned in last post, hubby and I flew to Buffalo to spend some time with the in-laws. Though we did a lot, it was a pretty relaxing couple of days.

Jen Frmheadtotoe Visits NYC

I’ve been to NYC now 3x in the past two weeks or so – talk about craziness! However, when Jen had mentioned that she was flying over to the East Coast for her new job training, I couldn’t say no to coming up and meeting up with her. Jean from Extrapetite and Khatu decided to […]

Meet & Bon Chon!

Fuz was too happy to be done with traveling to Harrisburg each week so she put together a little meetup yesterday with two other ladies, Cindy & Effie. =) We met up at The Amore in Annandale before they closed and then headed over to Bon Chon. Of course, let me start off with some […]

NYC Beauty Blogger Part Deux Update

A few of us went to karaoke the night before the meetup and didn’t open up to everyone since I wasn’t sure how many would be there and not everyone likes karaoke.. haha. The main meetup was for Sunday at Golden Bridge Restaurant for some yummy dim sum and it was definitely easier to talk […]

NYC Blogger Meetup Part Deux!

So you all know by now that Fuz and I are planning another meetup in NYC the last weekend of May. My college friends usually like to hold get togethers every few years everywhere and anywhere and they’ve decided NJ/NY would be the location this year. It also turned out to be around the same […]

Tysons Corner Meet & Greet

I was counting the days to the meet & greet when Aubrey and the rest announced it a month ago. I had so much fun finally seeing the person behind the videos as well as meeting so many girls who watch the videos. They were all so nice and down to earth! Definitely hope we […]


Fuz & I were finally able to meet Katie for dinner tonight at a Thai restaurant in Tysons Corner. Of course I was there right on time while Fuz walks in 5 mins later… hehe… To my dismay, Katie is just as tall as Fuz and now Fuz deemed me their “cute little midget”. Great […]

NYC Trip with my Beauty Bloggers!

This past weekend, Fuz and I took a road trip to NYC to meet up with Smerfette & Cuttibebe for a day of shopping for beauty products (hey, we don’t call ourselves beauty bloggers for nothing! hehe) However, first we had to try out Iuppido’s famous ramen noodles. The food was amazing! I just couldn’t […]