Pretty in Pink | Rose Print Dress + Blush Blazer

Hello and happy hump day! This is a scheduled post since I’m currently on travel. As mentioned in my last post, here’s my last outfit shoot from LA and also an early Valentine’s Day inspiration. My friend and I drove around looking for a nice pink wall to go with this outfit theme. The things […]

DC Cherry Blossoms | Pink Lace Top on Pink Midi Skirt

Hello everyone! I’m interrupting my LA posts to bring you this cherry blossom inspired OOTD and if you’re in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area, run (don’t walk) to the nearest park and soak in some of these blossom beauties. These delicate flowers bloom even amidst cold spring temps to only stay blooming for such […]

Autumn Greys | Lace Top + Tulle Skirt

Hello hello everyone! I’m slowly readjusting myself after coming back from Hawaii two days ago. I’ve been snapping a lot while I was there so be sure to follow my snapchat (mslabellemel) if you want to see more crazy adventures ahead! Now for the outfit below, I love a good grey monotone outfit and wanted […]

La Vie En Rose | Rosette Top + Pleather Shorts

Hello hello and happy Wednesday! For this outfit post, I’m transitioning my love for blush pink colors in this rosette top into a fall look with the help of these pleather shorts. Throw in some leopard prints and you’re ready for the season.

Airy | Leather Lace Top + Swooshy Calf-Length Skirt

Hey everyone! Here’s the last outfit from Florida and I have to thank my baby sister for helping me take the past few outfit photos. She’s also brutally honest and never fails to let me know if there was an angle that made me look too big or why I was making a face during […]

Happy 5 Years, My Love

Hey everyone! This is a scheduled post since hubs and I hopped on a plane to Cancun yesterday morning and currently celebrating our 5-year (together for 10) wedding anniversary at a resort until Monday. I can’t believe it’s been 5-years already. That’s just crazy. In celebration of that as well, I’ve enlisted my good friend, […]