Instamix | Feb 2015

Hello Monday! I am happy that we had DST yesterday but I do miss that extra hour of sleep. Anyway, I realized through traveling all the month of January that I completely missed instamix for it. Of course, feel free to follow my personal instagram for food and travel and my blog instagram for outfits […]

Instamix | Dec 2014

Happy New Year & TGIF everyone! December has come and gone and we’re already on the second day of January. Don’t blink or this month will past by quickly too. I just wanted to round up photos from December on both my personal and blog instagram, so let’s get started, shall we? So for December, […]

Instamix | Nov 2014

Happy December everyone! Is it me or did November just flew by? It’s scary to think that this month will be the same as well. Anyways, let’s get on with monthly updates, shall we? Photos are a mix from my personal and blogger instagram.

Instamix | Oct 2014 Monthly Roundup

Hello everyone and happy Monday! So the only scary movie I saw for month of October was “Gone Girl“. It was probably more thriller than scary, but I was beyond astounded and freaked out afterwards by the length that someone would go to for revenge. It was just that crazy. If you haven’t seen it, […]

Instamix | Sept 2014 Monthly Roundup

October started already and I plain forgot about rounding up September instamix so here it is today. It will be a mix from both my personal and blog instagram so follow the second one for more fashion related posts! So for September, I…

Instamix | August 2014 Monthly Roundup

Hey everyone! Wow, August came and went in a blink of an eye and that was all due to a lot of my weekends taken up by traveling to NYC, LA and Seattle/Vancouver. I’m definitely excited to see what September has to offer but in meantime, let’s get on with August instamix via my instagram. […]

Instamix | July 2014 Monthly Roundup

Happy TGIF everyone!! I can’t believe another month has passed and then one more month till fall starts. Noooo… Don’t get me wrong–I love fall. But I also know that after fall comes winter and that’s not my favorite season at all. Sigh, hope it’s a short one. Anyway, lots happened in July so I’m […]

Instamix | June 2014 Monthly Roundup

Happy Monday! My weekend went way too fast unfortunately and I am so ready for the three day weekend this week! Anyways, it’s that time again to round up the month from my instagram, so let’s get to it starting from left to right, top to bottom.