Summer Finds | Off-Shoulder Ruffled Dress + Straw Bucket Bag

Hello and happy Friday everyone! I love when friends and I have great taste like my friend, Crystal, who also styled the same dress below. Coincidentally, I found the the dress randomly in Milan while browsing for this bag below, because I knew that Zara prices there would be a hell a lot cheaper without factoring in the import costs than compared to U.S. prices. So I found the bag below at half the cost as well as the dress, which was regular-priced there at $29, but it was the same price here in U.S. at the sales price two weeks later.

Needless to say, if you are visiting Europe soon and couldn’t bring yourself to purchase Zara at U.S. prices, save it for the trip. Your wallet will thank you for it! It took me three stores to find the bag, but I’m glad the dress was a random happy find there as well. I didn’t like the strap on the bag though, because it made the bag hang weird on the body, so I just cut off the straps. If I need to add a strap later on, I can always get a clip on strap for it, which I could borrow from another bag. It looks way better now without the awkward strap hanging down.

Outfit: Zara dress (old/love this Rebecca Minkoff version!) // Zara bag (old/bought this one just now!) // Sam Edelman wedges (old/similar) // Quay sunnies (old/similar) // Hinge hat (similar) // photos shot by: Sung Shin

I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much for reading and have a great weekend everyone!


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