Three Ways to Style Disney’s Beauty & the Beast Belle’s Hair Tutorial

Helloooo and happy Sunday! Ever since I saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast last Sunday, I knew I had to recreate some of the hairstyles I saw on Belle. It took some time to order some of what I needed to recreate the looks. If you want to see which three hairstyles I recreated, keep watching! More after the jump.

the village

I had to recreate the iconic village look of the Belle waking up to the morning with the rest of the village people. I saw a glimpse of some of the tutorials on Youtube and they didn’t quite nailed what I saw on Belle in the movie. It took me awhile to search for a few photos to recreate the exact look. The only thing I bought for this look was a blue ribbon from Amazon. Any blue ribbon will do so don’t worry too much on the exact one.

the ballroom

Another iconic look of Belle’s hairstyle would have to be the ballroom dance with Beast. The animation version has Belle’s hair up in a half updo with the bun a little high on the crown and a ribbon wrapped around the bun. The live movie version, Belle’s bun was a bit lower and instead of a ribbon, she had these leaf barrettes wrapped around the bun. I bought these from Amazon which I thought two would have worked okay, but now looking back, having three would be better.

the wedding

This was obviously a new look and scene from the animated version. Belle’s wedding hair was very easy to recreate and it fit her so nicely. Her dress was absolutely gorgeous and perfect.

That’s it! I hope you all enjoyed reading this post and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, please go now! It’s probably one of my favorite movie I’ve watched so far, but that’s not saying too much since it’s my first movie to watch of the year. I’m a huge fan of Disney movies and Beauty and the Beast was definitely a favorite, so to see this movie live and in 3-D IMAX, I definitely felt I was right there with them. I cannot wait until it comes out on Blu-Ray so I can wear the copy out!

Thank you always for reading and have a great Sunday! Please let me know in the comment section which of Belle’s hairstyle is your favorite!


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