Hey Stella | Vegan Leather Jacket + Grey Tulle Skirt

Hello everyone and hey Stella! This bipolar weather is killing me with 70 degree weather one day and roughly a foot of snow the next. The next few days were supposed to be cherry blossom peak too. Well, that’s definitely not happening.

Anyway, please allow me to rant a bit. I’m sure you’re like me who value great customer service when you go to a store to spend your hard-earned money. And I’m sure you would be peeved if you found out that you spent more money than you should because one or two items have gone on sale the day or week after you bought said items. Well, like most stores, they typically honor the sale prices for you and then let you go on your merry happy way. Not Zara. Apparently, the price you put in your cart will remain the price you pay and they will not adjust the price at all if the items were reduced to special prices or went on sale. I won’t say that I am livid considering I can’t return said items since I’ve worn them, but I am definitely not a happy camper. Thus, I will abstain from purchasing anymore Zara products in the future. I just find it very backwards to know that price adjustments are very much the common thing to do nowadays and for a store to say its store policy that they won’t or can’t make the adjustments is not cool in my book. This is why I love Nordstrom through and through who really takes care of their valued customers. End rant.

Now let’s talk about this outfit. Although it may not be one of your casual outfits to wear on the daily, I still find it quite fun to play around with feminine pieces mixed with rugged details. You can see how I paired this skirt the first time. As for this jacket, you would not believe me when I say it’s faux leather. It feels completely real and keeps me super warm and stylish. The faux fur collar can be removed and I’ve been wearing it non-stop since I got it. Also, can we please talk about this necklace? I love love a great statement necklace and this one takes the cake from J. Wholesale. It’s the first time that I’ve browsed the site online, but this website has an extensive selection of jewelry pieces that will surely fit your taste. I chose three statement pieces with one of them featured below and I can’t wait to show you the other two soon.

Outfit: Top Shop jacket (recent/similar/love this one too!) // Forever 21 top (old) // Sheinside bottom (old/similar) // Metal heel ankle boots // Chanel bag // J. Wholesale necklace // photos shot by: Sung Shin

I hope you enjoyed this post. Unfortunately I shot these outfits prior to my latest Zara experience, so there may be items here and there that are from the store. I will still post the outfits, but I will find alternative items to where you can purchase similar items. Also for those on the East Coast, please stay warm and safe from winter storm Stella!


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