First Impression on ghd Curve Classic Wand | Easy Concert Performance Hairstyle with Sensible Stylista

Hello all and happy hump day! So this post is very special featuring my blogger bestie in this first impression on the ghd curve classic wand creating this easy performance hairstyle that any hair-challenged friends could easily replicate. It also helped that the ghd curve made it super easy to create effortless wavy curls with its unique-shaped wand. I was surprisingly impressed and am definitely adding this wand to my hair arsenals. The wand was sent to me to try out and after using it, I would definitely purchase it with my own money. I’d probably wait for a good sale though, because it is on the pricey side. To see how I use the wand, keep on watching! Also see more photos of Kim‘s shoot after the jump, because we can’t let a good hairstyle go to waste.

look one

see Kim’s outfit detail here

look two

see Kim’s outfit detail here

For the second outfit, we let down the hair for a carefree look. Please let me know which hairstyles you liked in the comments below. I hope this hairstyle will be easy for you to recreate as it was for me to put it together. Thank you always for reading and see you in my next post!


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