How to Dress for Iceland Winter | Double Layers + Waterproof Snowboots

Hello from Iceland! Actually, I’m no longer there, but I like to believe I’m still there. I can’t believe how much we’ve done in such a short time and if you haven’t checked out my instagram, then you probably should go there to catch up first. Ha!

So this was a spontaneous trip that was booked the same day that I had a brunch with my friend, Angela, and she asked me for suggestions for her next trip. My obvious choice was Iceland–duh. Since I had some time on my end, I decided to join her as well! I will provide more info on where we stayed, where we ate and also what to expect in Iceland during the winter time in my next two posts, so stay tuned for that!

Now, to pack for Iceland, I actually packed three coats into my little luggage believe it or not. It was hard to close, but I was able to zip it tight and it was well under the luggage weight limit. In a future post, I will also list out helpful tips on what and how to pack so you are ready for your next adventure! More info after the jump.

Outfit: American Rag Parka Coat // J.Crew shirt // Uniqlo jacket // Uniqlo Heattech shirt // Heattech tights // Forever 21 leggings // Sorel boots // Forever 21 scarf (recent) // Urban Outfitter hat // Quay sunnies

Yes you may say that I didn’t need to pack three coats plus wear one to go to Iceland, but hey, what did you expect from a fashion blogger. Unfortunately, time did not permit me to shoot two of the coats, although I was still able to wear one of them for an Instagram post.

Iceland weather was actually not that bad when we arrived, but just for safe measure especially when you’re out shooting in the elements, it’s best to wear double and even triple layers. For my bottom, I made sure I ordered the extra-warmth heattech tights and shirt for both my top and bottom. Then I added in an ultra-thin layer of down jacket under my actual coat to keep my top half extra warm.

As for boots, since I am able to fit into smaller kids size shoes being a size 5, I got the Sorel snow boots in size 3M which fit perfectly even with socks. You need a good pair of snow boots when you go to Iceland, but especially waterproof since the weather could change on you so fast and it would be very uncomfortable to walk around in wet socks when caught in rain or chasing waterfalls. These Sorels fit the ticket and it was actually $20 cheaper than what’s on the website currently. I would wait for them to go on sale before purchasing, but they were definitely worth the price.

This outfit was what I wore on my flight home so you could say it was my airport outfit of the day. When I fly, I like to be comfortable, so comfy, loose boyfriend jeans, jogger sweatpants or leggings are my go-to pieces when I travel. I hope you enjoyed this post and more to come about Iceland in my next post, so stay tuned!


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