Chevy Volt Road-Tripping to Block Island | Lace Off-Shoulder Top + Cutoff Shorts

Hello everyone! I hope you had a great long 4th of July weekend. I spent most of it painting and packing, but at least I saved Monday night to hang out at a friend’s bbq. It was raining for most of the day, so unfortunately, that made it difficult to see the fireworks in DC.

Ah, summer–love it. And speaking of summer, one of the best summer activity I like to do is road-tripping on my weekends off. One of the road trip so far was heading up to Block Island for a wedding shoot. Because of the distance, it made sense to add Providence and Boston to the list and making NY the last pit stop before heading back down to MD.

There wasn’t much to do until after the wedding, but I was able to do a quick wedding shoot before continuing onto our next road trip destination. One of my go-to pieces have been off-shoulder tops as evident here and here. A lacy top with a good pair of cut-off shorts make this outfit casual enough to explore a new destination.

Outfit:: Romwe top (similar) // Forever 21 shorts (similar) // Sam Edelman wedgs // Balenciaga bag // H&M hat

Also, I could think of no one better than to team up with the folks at GM again who let me test drive their new 2017 Chevy Volt this time around. I had such a great time last time test driving the Buick LaCrosse and couldn’t be happier trying out the Volt. I have rented the older Volt cars and fell in love with electric hybrid cars.


The 2017 Volt was pretty impressive in its new sleeker and lighter design that made driving this car extremely smooth. The start up of the car was so quiet that I had to press the button a couple of times to make sure that the car was actually turned on and the acceleration pickup was so quick. You can plug this car up to a high charge voltage to fully charge the car in 13 hrs or you can use gas when the charge is gone. This means that I could drive this car for a good 1000 miles in between fill-ups with both electric and gas. What a way to lower your gas cost by half! Not to mention that some of the safety features that I absolutely love in the LaCrosse was carried over to the Volt as well like the blind spot monitoring. The Volt also has the lane departure warning and rear cross-traffic alert.

Overall, the Volt has proven to be a great contender to my list of electric cars that I’m looking to own in the future. I love that I could just download an app that I could find free charging stations to charge up the car anywhere and save on gas. The wave of the future, my friends, and I’m hopping on board.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thank you always for reading!


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