Afternoon Cravings Home Edition | Going for the Gold

Hello everyone! I’ve been super busy with my new place trying to move and unpack little by little. I can’t fully unpack yet until most of the renovations are done downstairs, but at least my loft and bedroom are ready enough for me to set up.

I hope that this is not a phase, but I’m really into looking at gold decor items as accents for both bedroom, office, living room, dining room and kitchen accessories. It would be a shame for the phase to be over and I would want to replace everything gold. Please let’s not hope that’s the case! Anywho, below are some of the items that I have purchased over the last few weeks. I definitely have bought more home stuff than clothing items, believe it or not. Once everything is ready, I will probably do a home tour some time in August possibly. In the meantime, if you are crazy for gold yourself, feel free to check out the items below. Links after the jump!


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Most of my place is painted white and being a photographer, I just love how light instantly brightens the room more when the walls are white. I have a few accent colors for my bedroom and the downstairs bath. Having gold accented decor really helps add some contrast to the place–adding lux without the high price tags. I hope you enjoyed my picks and let me know which ones are your faves!


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