The Flower Fields | Off-Shoulder Hunter Green Dress

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday, I suppose. Getting back really late last night after an hour delay connecting in Orlando and then to land in DC with 30 degree temps when I was just warming up to 80 degree weather in Jamaica was no bueno. Then waking up with few hours of sleep to start work today proved to be such a rude awakening. I wanna go back. Now. The only thing that is pushing me through the day is getting to see my favorite hoglet, Pointdexter. I’ve missed him so! And I think deep deep down, he missed me too–LOL.

Anyway, let’s think spring with this post, okay? Every year that I go to LA, I always miss the Flower Field in Carlsbad, because I go around end of May/early June. This year, I was able to go back during spring for a wedding and was reminded last minute by my friend’s instagram that the Flower Fields were ready and blooming. I immediately added that to the agenda and there was no way that I would miss it for the world. I was so glad that I did, because the rows and rows of ranunculus was such a beauty to behold. As you may know from McKee-Besher sunflower field, Clearmeadow sunflower field and and lavender field adventure, I have not come across a flower field that I did not like.

As for my outfit, I wanted something casual that I could walk around all day in and chose this hunters green off-shoulder dress which also has pockets (BONUS). It was pretty chilly that morning too before the sun could break through the clouds, so I had my jean jacket (not pictured) with me to keep me warm. In LA, it’s especially wise to bring along a jacket or scarf with you, because the morning and nights get chilly quickly as soon as the sun disappears.

Outfit: Top Shop dress (similar) // Kate Spade sandals // Forever 21 hat // Rebecca Minkoff bag (old/teal color here)

I hope you enjoyed this post and for my East Coast northerner friends, please stay warm! Until then, I’m counting down to my next trip whenever that would be. At least I have my instagram photos to remind me of the warmth back in Jamaica.


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