Update | Microblading Brow Touchup + Neutralize Session

Hello everyone! As you know from my past post on semi-permanent makeup for thin brows using microblading that I wanted to wait to get a touchup a year later. I’m so glad that I did because I was able to find a microblading artist close to home and immediately made an appointment mid-January to start the process. As you can see from my photos from the fresh touchup to the followup as well as the neutralize session, the healing stages of my brows. The touchup actually ended up being the initial session, because my brows have faded to a point that the lines were faint that Kira ended up creating new brows for me. The second session came 3-4 weeks later which unfortunately my skin took to the pigments too well and the color did not fade to 50% as initially thought. This was why the neutralize session came into play after a glycolic session two weeks before to help lessen the color and there could possibly be a fourth session to really tweak the shape of my brows.

As the microblading technique is becoming more popular, it has been seen that it’s not at all uncommon for third or fourth sessions and all depends on everybody’s skin and what healing process they go through. There have been some skin that was able to take all the pigments on the first session. Above all, you want to choose an artist who knows what s/he is doing and willing to work with you one on one to perfect the brows that you love. Kira was especially patient with me throughout the whole process and I couldn’t thank her enough for all the hours she put into answering my questions as well as working with me to achieve the shape and right color for my brows. If you’re in the DMV (DC, MD, VA) area, be sure to reach out to her, because she is truly passionate in what she does and it absolutely shows through her photos.

initial session


2nd day of initial session


Healed touchup session


Neutralize session


Healed neutralize session


Kira has 62 colors that you could choose from ranging from cool, neutral and warm colors. The most popular colors that she has been using is the cafe au lait which was what I did for my first initial session but then switched to german chocolate for my touchup session. Even then, the colors were still too dark. My friend had hers done around the same time and her initial session brow color faded to 80% due to sun and salt water from her vacation; her touchup session faded to 50%. That didn’t happen for me so keep in mind, that everyone’s skin is different in terms of healing.


I hope this was informative for you all and feel free to check out the video for an in-depth look of the process as well as healing clips of my brow through different stages. Thanks always for reading!


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  1. Hi mel,you mentioned taking pigment out during the neutralize session and spacing the hair strojess to make them look more natural. How did Kira achieve this? I have a touch up session booked and want to make sure I get the artist to do the same. My brows have blended in.

    • Hi Em! What Kira does is using a neutralize color and going over the strokes of every other brow stroke to achieve the spacing. I hope that helps!