LA Spring Wedding | Scuba Printed Dress

Hello everyone! If you follow me on instagram or snapchat (mslabellemel), then you’ll know that I was in LA for a few days to attend a wedding and of course eat. I wanted to say that I had a great time on this trip, but unfortunately one Saturday night incident kinda dampened my mood and the trip.

Right after dinner with friends, we walked to the rental car and two of the passenger side windows were smashed in. My heart instantly sank and the first words out of my mouth was “did they take the camera?” and of course they did. They left everything in the car, but my camera and makeup bag (jokes on them for that one). The bright side was that I didn’t bring my heavy expensive lens, which would’ve hurt more. What also hurt was my SD card that had outfit shoots done from earlier. I tried to reshoot at least one of them, but we just didn’t have enough time to reshoot the rest. The wedding was the next day and thank god for my awesome photographer friend who I stayed with and lent me her camera for the rest of the time I was there.

Knowing how brisk the temps can be in LA, I wanted to wear something that would keep me cool during the afternoon but yet warm enough for the cool nights. I immediately veered towards Clover Canyon dresses, because they haven’t failed me yet with their neoprene material that was perfect for such occasion. I was able to find this dress on sale so double win!

Outfit: Clover Canyon dress // Vince Camuto heel // Chanel bag // Bauble bar necklace // Michele watch

Hope this gives you ideas on what to wear if you need to attend an LA spring wedding or any spring event for that matter. Now I have the pleasure of coming back from the trip having to deal with insurances and claims. Happy Thursday to me. Anyway, thank you for reading and have a better day than me everyone! <3


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