Travel Diary | Exploring Rome

So for the second week that I was in Paris, KL popped in to stay for about two weeks and we decided to take one week heading south to visit parts of Italy and Spain. First stop was Rome.

It was about two hour plane ride with a connection in Barcelona. The best way to fly inter-Europe is finding cheap flights via Vueling or EasyJet although I prefer Vueling flights more. For roughly 39 euros one way, it was a no-brainer to just hop on a plane and head somewhere, anywhere. Once there, you can use the RailEurope to get from city to city.

Also when you are flying a budget Europe airline, be sure to invest in a European carry-on since storage space is strict on those planes. There was one instance that I had to show that my suitcase will fit in one of those metal sizers and believe me when I say that I used all my might to make my suitcase fit. So fair warning. Another way to avoid that is be sure to also check in few days prior and have the electronic pass on your phone to avoid the eyes at the checkout counter.

Seeing the interior of the Colosseum was definitely a check off my bucket list since the first time I was there six years ago, the historic arena was closed due to many of Rome’s national holidays. There were only limited number of hours to spend in Rome that day before hitting the train to get back on board the cruise ship. This time around, KL and I got to the arena to find a massive line wrapped around the base. Luckily, we paid about 30 euros for a guided tour to get ahead of the line then ditched the tour once inside to explore on our own. So worth it to not wait in the rain that day.


Unfortunately, the Sistine chapel was closed on Sundays and we completely did not realize until the day of. Luckily, we were able to trade in our train tickets to leave Monday afternoon and got to spend that morning oo-ing and awe-ing over the beautiful ceilings of the Sistine chapel. Also keep in mind that you need to wake up extra early to see the Basilica–that or pay a little extra to hire a tour guide and skip the lines. Since I already saw it, KL was going to come back to Rome again and spend more time at her favorite city thus far.


Rome was such a beautiful and walkable city with so much history surrounding it. We left Monday afternoon with a tummy of yummy eats and gelato to give us fuel on our two-hour train ride to Florence. More on that later so until next week, thank you always for reading!


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