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And now here we are in Florence. The first night we arrived after spending the day in Rome, we walked straight to the Cattedral di Santa Maria del Fiore Duomo and had barely enough time to walk up the entire length of the dome to catch the magnificent sunset over the city. The first time I laid eyes on the duomo six years ago, it was such a sight to see and still just majestic standing there as it was before.

We ended the night in search of a great pizzeria and found this place called Pizzeria lo Spuntino. Funny thing was we didn’t end up getting pizzas, but instead I opted for the vegetarian lasagna and oh emm gee, that had to be the best lasagna I’ve had in so long. I highly recommend the place because even now, I want to go back just to order the lasagna again!


Mercato Centrale

After coming back from Cinque Terre and Pisa the day before, we started our morning walking around the mercato near our hotel, the Machiavelli. The hotel’s decor was such a step back into the past with the room’s beautiful vintage layout and the fun heavy traditional key that you leave and pick up at the front desk. The folks there were so kind and helpful and we definitely enjoyed our stay there. As for the mercato, it was held in a huge building that it was hard to miss and we could see ourselves living there each day with a trip to the market for fresh groceries.


ponte vecchio and salvatore ferragamo museum

Then it was off to Ponte Vecchio aka the “Old Bridge”. I missed this bridge the last time I was in Florence and so glad that we made the stop to it finally. When I posted a photo of the bridge on my personal instagram, Jessica from Dining Traveler recommended to see Salvatore Ferragamo museum and so we went. It was amazing to see the evolution of how shoes were made and I even found the wood shoe pattern of my favorite celebrity, Audrey Hepburn.



After the museum, we walked through the Piazza della Signoria where the replica of David stood tall and few other well-known statues. Of course, we definitely couldn’t get enough of gelato and walked past many gelateria but not without walking out with a gelato cone first.


That’s it for Florence. Next stop on the blog is Barcelona, so stay tuned for next week’s installment of this trip. Thanks for reading and have a great one!


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