4 Ways to Use BB/CC Cream

Hello everyone! Here are four ways to use your BB or CC cream if you didn’t know about them already. I prefer using BB cream versus foundation because of the lighter consistency it provides and never leaves my face feeling heavy with makeup. Also the benefits of a BB cream, also known as a blemish balm cream, makes it the ideal product to even out your skin tone and still keep it healthy. BB cream is said to replace serum, moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. However, the downside of a BB cream is the lack of colors available for all skin tones, although there are a few out there that have multiple shades formulated to oxidize and designed to match your skin tone.

Also I find that I lean towards BB creams that are from Asia because that’s where they are originated from and has a lot more benefits in them than the ones found in the US. I mainly buy mine from Ebay and one bottle typically would last a good 3-4 months. The one I currently use is from Lioele and I love that it’s a water-base formula so feels very natural and lightweight. Read more of the ways you can get the most out of your BB cream after the jump.

Tinted Moisturizer


A favorite to wear for the summer as a tinted moisturizer where you get extra moisturizer for your skin and still feel lightweight. It glides on so smoothly and effortlessly and definitely has that dewy look that I like. If you don’t like that, feel free to dust a little powder all over for the matte look.

Light Summer Foundation


For those who have winter and summer foundations and want to go light for the summer, adding a BB cream that has benefits of high SPF and primer can serve both purpose for the summer. You can add a thin layer of the BB cream and then dab in spots where you need most coverage with the foundation for a summer go-to routine. For those who have darker skin tones, you can amp up your favorite foundation with a bit of BB cream to get the benefits from it as well.



I love using BB cream as a concealer, because it works just as well to hide my dark circles and doesn’t crease on me like many other concealers. It has been my go-to concealer for the past year or so until I found another product recently that I’ve been switching back and forth. I will talk about that in a summer’s favorites video coming up soon.

Cream Blush


Adding a bit of a lipstick color such as this Colour Pop lippie stick to your BB cream works wonderfully as a cream blush. At first I thought this color was a bit bright for my skin tone but I’m so glad that I can now use it like a cream blush as the first layer and add on your favorite blush to keep it long lasting throughout the day.

I hope this was helpful and let me know if there are other ways that you have use your BB cream.

Thanks for reading and have a great one!


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