Mixed Prints | Leopard Parka + Printed Dress

Hey everyone and happy Wednesday! I am loooving the warmer temps so far and am so excited for spring right around the corner. I just hope that my spring allergies will continue another year like last year where I felt slight tickles and sniffles but that was it. Fingers cross!

Anyway, for my outfit below, I was on the fence on this leopard parka coat while in Paris and was debating back and forth whether or not to purchase it. I even had a “serious” conversation with KL while metro-ing back to the flat which went something like this:

Me: KL, I don’t know if I should get the leopard coat I saw browsing on zara last night. It was super cute but would I wear it a lot.
KL: Do you need another coat?
Me: That wasn’t the question I asked you!
KL: I’m sorry, let me go back and put on my girly cap. What did it look like?!

All jokings aside, I had two reasons that held me back from purchasing it; reason one, because I wasn’t sure if the fit would be right and two, the price at the time was $70-$80 on sale. Well, when Linda told me that week she visited that already got the coat and that the coat fit well on her, I was ready to sit down and order it online. Then to my surprise, the price actually dropped down to $56-ish and that was enough to kick my last doubt away. I confirmed with Linda on the price that she paid and let her know that the price dropped. Thank goodness she still had her receipt and was able to return the coat for the difference. I love a great sale when I see one and in my size too, because it rarely happens for me!

Lesson and moral of the story: always wait if you can for items to go on sale, because they always do, and wait a day or even a week to decide if you should order that item. I’m glad I did. I love that this parka is unlike any parka out there. I don’t own a leopard coat and it has a hoodie to boot. Win on all fronts. Unfortunately, the coat is no longer online for me to link it but you may be able to find it at your local Zara!

Outfit: Zara coat (recent/similar) // Parker Eve Dress // Chanel bag // Ann Taylor pumps (old/another cute version) // Chloe sunnies // Wendyslookbook + Baublebar necklace // H&M gloves (old)

Thanks for reading and have a great one!



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