Instamix | Feb 2015

Hello Monday! I am happy that we had DST yesterday but I do miss that extra hour of sleep. Anyway, I realized through traveling all the month of January that I completely missed instamix for it. Of course, feel free to follow my personal instagram for food and travel and my blog instagram for outfits & instahauls for instant updates.

Let’s start this post with an instamix for February, shall we? The last two months were anything short of amazing and I am still trying to orient myself back to reality. It was a much needed trip to just get away and be inspired again. I’m already planning for my next trip out of the states and can’t wait to be back traveling again.

Ok, so last month, I…

  • started the month of February with a walk to Pont des Arts where you get to see the love lock bridge. It was truly amazing to see the amount of locks on the bridge. On one side of the walkway, the city boarded up the locks so you can’t add anymore to the bridge since a part of the bridge collapsed not long ago due to the weight of the locks.
  • then celebrated some birthday treats with Linda for her bday in February at the flat. These cute patisserie treats from Sadaharu AOKI were quite delish and my fave had to be the green tea match cake.
  • had brunch with Linda and another friend of mine, Han, who recently moved to Paris to live out her dream there for a year or two. We went back to KONG where the restaurant had an amazing 360° view of Paris and also the place where Carrie met Petrovsky’s ex-wife for brunch in SATC.
  • trekked off to Mont St. Michel on my own after Linda left for DC that morning. It was a rainy morning trip there but by the afternoon, the sun broke through the clouds long enough for me to capture this image of the abbey. Such a beautiful sight.
  • took a short weekend trip to Munich and did some touring around the cold snowy city. My first stop was Schloss Nymphenburg which had the most amazing room decked out with paintings on the ceiling and beautiful chandeliers.
  • went with a tour guide (half self-guided) and went hiking up the German Alps to see this magnificent beautiful castle which is Neuschwanstein–the inspiration behind Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella’s castle. To capture this view, I had to cross over two closed off fences and hiked up slippery snow slopes, but it was definitely worth it. Even though it was cold, the sight of the castle against white blanket of snow was such a breathtaking beauty to behold. I could stay there for hours admiring the view if frostbite wouldn’t be an issue. =P A must-go see places if you are ever in Munich.
  • took a macaron class on my last day in Paris at La Cuisine Paris, because if you want master the craft correctly, gotta learn it from the source. We learned two different versions–the French and Italian way and I definitely prefer the look of the Italian but they both tasted the same.
  • went up the Tour Montparnasse to see the 360 view of Paris complete with the Eiffel Tower.
  • celebrated the month of February apparently with the case of the rosey pinks. Absolutely love the Sugar Fresh rosé lip balm and in love with my new clutch (similar color here) that’s also in rosy color. Also treating myself to the sight and scent of light pink roses was just too pretty to resist. Lastly, I always love supporting friends in their endeavors and was excited to add this crystal Grendel bib necklace to my collection which Wendy from Wendy’s Lookbook was a guest bartender for Bauble Bar. All the jewelries looked absolutely amazing and it was definitely hard to pick a favorite. Definitely check them out if you haven’t done so already.

And that’s it for this Monday post. The only good thing about today is that we will be having temps in the 60’s! Spring is definitely in the air soon and I can’t wait for it. Have a great day everyone!


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