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Happy TGIF, everyone! This may be a bit of a TMI type of posts but hey, we’re mostly ladies here right? If there are guys reading, this topic may not be for you. Just a little history behind my journey on finding eco-friendly options for that ToM. I’ve tried the Diva cup and also the Lunapads–both work great, but both are limiting in their own rights. However, between the two, it was the best option for eco-friendly products then until most recently.

So, back when I was at NYFW in September, I mentioned that I had an event to attend showcasing various fashion items. Well, one of those items caught my eye and it wasn’t jewelry or clothing surprisingly. It was a company called THINX who showcased various intimate hip-hugging style undergarments that are technologically advanced to be leak and stain resistant and yet comfortable, breathable, and eco-friendly.


As you can see, THINX consists of four super thin, seamless layers, each working together to become the smartest underwear in your drawer. The first layer is moisture-wicking to keeping you dry; the second is anti-microbial and stain-resistant; the third is the absorption layer that absorbs 2-6 teaspoons of liquid and the fourth is the leak-proof layer to help you be confident wearing this undergarment during your toughest time of the month.


As you know, I also love supporting companies who are philanthropic and this company is no different. Before I heard anything else about the item, this was what sold me to help spread the news on this amazing innovative item and its cause to helping the ladies in Africa. For every pair you buy, THINX partners with AFRIpads to manufacture seven washable, reusable cloth pads for African women and girls in need. Your purchase not only helps create jobs in Africa, because the folks in Africa are the ones manufacturing these pads, but your purchase also goes to prevent girls from having to miss school due to their monthly cycle. Did you know that girls in the developing world can miss between 48 and 84 days of school just because they have no proper way to protect themselves from their periods? Now you can help provide them with serious protection and education and their time of the month can be as productive as any other.

Feel free to check out my favorites videos to see the different sizes I’ve been using for the past two months and literally changed my life. I went from skeptical to a believer and feel great about supporting an awesome company like THINX.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!



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