My Semi-Permanent Brow Makeup Experience

Hello all and happy Monday! Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Ever since I got back from Paris a week and a half ago, it took some time to get readjusted. I must say that it was a little weird getting off the plane and having a mini culture shock being back on ‘merica soil.

Anyway, before I left for my Paris trip, I went to see Dina from Hello Gorgeous Permanent Makeup early January to get my brows done. I had done a few consultations prior before deciding on Dina and I’m so glad that she was patient with my first experience with permanent makeup.

As someone who wasn’t blessed with a lot of brow hair, I was self conscious of them and find the need to fill them in every day before heading out in the morning. When KL mentioned to me a few weeks before my appointment that she had hers done, I was convinced to go ahead with the procedure only because she said that 1) the session didn’t hurt and you get numbed throughout it and 2) there’s a new process called micro-blading that mimics hair strokes for a more natural look.

Even then, I was still nervous, but the idea of not having the need to fill them in every morning was something that I was willing to explore. Now seven weeks later, I’m happy to say that I’m glad to have gotten them done and would do it again–perhaps in a year for touch-ups.

I documented my process throughout and finally had some time over the weekend to edit the video. Feel free to check out my video after the jump for the whole procedure and my 2-day, one week, three-week and four-week update.



Permanent makeup has come a long way since makeup tattoo started becoming popular. Even my mom and aunt had theirs done in Vietnam many years back with makeup tattoo. However, tattoo ink can change color over time whereas pigment will stay the same color, but just lighten over time and disappear. Many thanks to Dina for agreeing to be on camera to talk about permanent makeup. I learned so much and can’t wait to go back to her for touch-ups in a year.

I hope this post was informative and thanks for reading!



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