Archives for February 2015

Product Review | the Thinx Story

Happy TGIF, everyone! This may be a bit of a TMI type of posts but hey, we’re mostly ladies here right? If there are guys reading, this topic may not be for you. Just a little history behind my journey on finding eco-friendly options for that ToM. I’ve tried the Diva cup and also the […]

Afternoon Cravings | Shades of Grey Spring Pumps Ahead

Hello everyone! So apparently my love affair for the color grey has leaked into every facet of my closet and now I’ve been on a hunt for a nice pair of grey pumps. These beauties below are just the ticket to satisfy that craving. Unfortunately all but one of them was in my size, so […]

My Semi-Permanent Brow Makeup Experience

Hello all and happy Monday! Apologies for the lack of posts lately. Ever since I got back from Paris a week and a half ago, it took some time to get readjusted. I must say that it was a little weird getting off the plane and having a mini culture shock being back on ‘merica […]

Paris Winter | Hunter Green Sweater + Asymmetrical Skirt

Bonjour everyone! I’m back in Paris after traveling to Munich over the weekend. Because I have been traveling quite a bit while being here, I’ve been updating my instagram more so be sure to follow if you haven’t yet for instant updates. Anyway, I was able to squeeze in one outfit shoot before leaving for […]

Hola Barcelona | Striped Shirt + Coated Skinnies

Holla everyone! Back in Paris again after taking a quick day and a half trip to London. Apologies for not blogging as much and I have an overload of posts that will probably be posted after I return next week. You know what they say, I’ll probably need another vacation just to relax after this […]