Instamix | Nov 2014

Happy December everyone! Is it me or did November just flew by? It’s scary to think that this month will be the same as well. Anyways, let’s get on with monthly updates, shall we? Photos are a mix from my personal and blogger instagram.

So for November, I…

  • took up horseback riding again this time with my bum feeling a little bit better at posting correctly and not hurting as much. I can’t wait to do it again soon!
  • put my hands to the test trying to make homemade pasta. I think some came out well but with everything, always trial and error before perfection.
  • am still loving most outfits with thigh-high anything. This outfit here shows that you can still mimic the look with socks for an inexpensive yet chic approach.
  • got invited to the Gilt City annual sale and of course these tibi esther heels in size 35 had to come home with me.
  • set up a fall bridal portrait shoot that I can’t wait to post soon. I will update this once posted.
  • have been on a search for clutches that actually fits my new iPhone 6 and this clutch was too cute to pass up as well as this faux fur ear warmers (currently 20% off with code CM14). Unfortunately I forgot to bring the ear warmers on my Montréal trip in next bullet below–winter fail.
  • took a road trip with my LA girls, Crystal and Anne, who came to visit me in DC before driving up the 9hrs to and from Montreal. Needless to say the trip was cold but they definitely did a great job toughing it out.
  • got to see both Notre Dame Basilica there as well as the biosphere. Montreal was a quite a quaint city but probably would have enjoyed it better during the summer time. Do not miss the poutine at Poutineville and bagels at St. Viatuer when you’re there though.

And that’s it. I welcome December with open arms since Christmas is my favorite holiday. Have been playing my “holy joly” playlist on spotify on the road trip up to Montreal.

Anyways, hope you’re recovering from your Thanksgiving break and can’t wait for the weekend already. Have a great one!


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