2014 Updated Brow Routine

Hello everyone! As you know, prior to my last extensions, I have been using Careprost lash serum for awhile to help the length of my lashes. I actually still use the serum every night to help maintain the growth of the lashes and prolong my extensions.

The past few months, however, I’ve started using the serum for my eyebrows and noticed growth in sparse areas filling them in nicely. Although it doesn’t look like much between the before and after, it was noticeable to me. You could see the front end of the brows being filled in more and the baby brow hairs above my eyebrow growing for a little fullness. I couldn’t find the photo of my naked brows from last year, so took it from a brow routine video that I did in 2010, which you can see after the jump.

naked brows before


naked brows after


filled brows results


materials used:

MSH Love liquid brow liner in ash grey
Shiseido Integrate pencil liner in GY941

I never thought to use a liquid liner for brows but after using Love liner, I was hooked. Many thanks to my friend, Janelle, for recommending the product to me. I love that the Love brow liner stays put (smudge-proof, waterproof and oil-proof) but not comfortable that I can’t find them readily available to stock up. It took me awhile to find an online merchant that carries the product. The other alternative would be using a NYX brow marker, but I don’t know the staying power on those.

Anyway, so my brow routine is super simple and quick. I don’t use the last step which is applying concealer to finish the look–I just don’t have that much time in the morning to do so. I’m the type that hits the snooze button at least 10x before dragging myself out of bed, so sleep is more precious to me enough to skip the last step.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading!


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