Product Review | Veet Infini’Silk Home Hair Removal System

Hey everyone! So I was excited to try out Veet Infini’Silk which is a hair removal laser system that was sent to me to try at home. I’ve typically used an epilator to remove unwanted hair from my underarms and bikini area, so for the purpose of testing out this product, I refrained from doing that for about two months. The reason being is that the light only works on searching for dark spots to zap. If I epilate, this typically removes the hair from its root leaving no dark spots for the light to find and zap. See more of my thoughts after the jump.


How to use:

  • shave before use
  • test out an area with level of light pulse from 1-5 for pain tolerance. In the beginning, I tried a 3 and most recently have moved up to a 4, since I have low pain tolerance
  • hold firmly against skin before touching otherwise unit will not flash
  • be sure to stay close to area where you flash to ensure full coverage treatment, but never go over the same area more than 2x.
  • wait two weeks in-between treatments

treatment plans:

  • Treatment 1 – 4 – plan two week apart
  • Treatment 5 – 7 – plan four week apart
  • Treatment 8+ – treat as needed until desired results are achieved


  • An inexpensive alternative to laser light hair removal compared to professional hair removal services that cost upwards of $1K.
  • Unit is light to hold so less tiring on hands
  • Bulb is replaceable compared to other home hair removal system
  • Device pulse every 3 seconds as a safety precaution in case you accidentally press it again too soon in one area
  • FDA-approved


  • Small head means longer time it takes to cover whole your legs, underarms and bikini areas. For me, I only needed it for my underarms and bikini area so this wasn’t a big deal for me. I can see it requiring lots of patience for others who have more hair than me.
  • Although bulb is replaceable, the cost is at $45 (5,000 light pulses per cartridge which is roughly 70 pulses per leg per treatment)

Veet Infini’Silk is not suitable for you if you(r):

  • have a naturally dark skin complexion. (unit detects dark hair against light skin for it to be effective)
  • body hair is white, grey, red, or blond.
  • have any abnormal health conditions such as epilepsy, diabetes, a history of skin cancer or potential skin malignancies, or an active implant

Please refrain from using Veet Infini’Silk on body areas where you have dark brown, or black spots, a tattoo, or permanent makeup or any abnormal skin condition like scars and/or open wounds. Since I’ve used the product, I have noticed that there have been less hair growing in under my arms and parts of my bikini area. I plan to continue the use until I need to replace the head unit to see further hair reduction.

That’s it! I hope this review was helpful. As always, thanks for reading and have a great Monday!


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