Instamix | August 2014 Monthly Roundup

Hey everyone! Wow, August came and went in a blink of an eye and that was all due to a lot of my weekends taken up by traveling to NYC, LA and Seattle/Vancouver. I’m definitely excited to see what September has to offer but in meantime, let’s get on with August instamix via my instagram. =)

So for August, I…

  • went up to NYC to hang around Brooklyn and shot one of my oldest blogger/youtube friends who I’ve known for awhile. See more of her e-session photos here.
  • stopped by one of my favorite sunflower field near me which I’m so thankful that the county decided to grow them this year. They skipped last year!
  • carved out an area of my place to create an office space. Once I did that, I couldn’t stop and went to organizing the rest of the place: living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. I think I am 98% done–just waiting on last few straggler items before I feel the place is complete.
  • went to LA for Beautycon but really hung out most of time with good friends and food, which I talked about more here.
  • was invited to a Ruth Chris Yelp event that was pretty much one of the best I’ve gone too so far. Makes me happy to be part of the yelp elite team.
  • went to Seattle for the Labor Day weekend but spent most of the day touring around the city. I also met up with blogger friend, Tiffany, in person for first time and she was seriously such a sweetheart and felt like I was chatting with an old friend. She suggested Serious Pie & Biscuits for brunch. It was a great choice and they seriously know how to make great biscuits.
  • drove up to Vancouver the next day and met up with another youtuber friend, Chelsea, who brought along her hubs, Peter, for dim sum and then became my tour guide around downtown. It was a blast hanging out with them and they showed me the best gelato around before I parted ways with them and explored Capilano Suspension Bridge.

Now you can see why August went by like crazy! I’m so glad I was able to make these trips out and get to hang out with awesome friends. Just makes life that much more rewarding.

Incidentally, I’ll be heading to NYFW for the coming weekend so I’m excited for that. Be sure to follow up my instagram for instant updates!


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