Instamix | July 2014 Monthly Roundup

Happy TGIF everyone!! I can’t believe another month has passed and then one more month till fall starts. Noooo… Don’t get me wrong–I love fall. But I also know that after fall comes winter and that’s not my favorite season at all. Sigh, hope it’s a short one. Anyway, lots happened in July so I’m going to jump right in.

So for July, I…

  1. went up to Jersey to stay at my sister’s new place where she decided to host for the first time a seafood boil for an impromptu family gathering. I didn’t plan to travel anywhere that weekend and wanted to lay low but decided to head up there since I haven’t seen the fam in awhile and also missed my nephew and niece. However, it was a short trip (like a day) since I already had piano lessons scheduled for that Saturday before my teacher went to China for a few weeks and couldn’t reschedule. The seafood boil was a success and I think we’ll be making it a tradition every year. =D
  2. was sent this custom beautiful map necklace from ThreeJaneNY where you can keep your favorite place close to heart. I’ve been wearing it nonstop ever since I got it and it’s now a staple everyday wear. It’s such a genius idea and a perfect gift for those sentimental folks like myself.
  3. painted my last class so far which I tried to embody Van Gogh with this version of his sunflower painting. Painting has become a good stress reliever, but it seems to get harder and harder with each painting. Still, can’t say I’m not trying!
  4. was introduced to Daikaya place for ramen and this place was so good! I also want to check out another ramen place in DC as well but so far Daikaya has quickly become my fave.
  5. went to New Orleans for a weekend trip with my sister who wanted to come along at the last minute. Of course, we had a bunch of restaurants bookmarked as well as our tastes of so many beignet options. Was definitely a great foodie trip and hope to come back again some time later. For breezy outfit options in NOLA, feel free to check out my airport style outfit and day-to-night romper outfit.
  6. finally got around to making the chia seed pudding after Linda kept raving about it. These seeds are packed with calcium and protein among other many nutritious benefits. I made a batch to keep in the fridge so I have something quick to eat first thing in the morning. I will see if I can post a quick recipe on food blog soon.
  7. started missing the beignets after only a few days away from NOLA, so tried my hand in making some last weekend. Not too shabby and they were gone in minutes.
  8. had my hair lopped off into a long-layered bob and donated for the first time 10-12″ of hair–more on that in a later post. I posted my last updo tutorial with long hair yesterday–the asymmetrical lace braid updo so check it out if you haven’t yet. I also can’t wait to come up with hair styling ideas for short hair so be sure to subscribe to my channel for more tutorials coming soon. =D
  9. took a trapeze class in DC with Linda and Sam for an early bday treat and it was definitely an experience worth trying. It is also a great workout. My abs have never ached so much including my triceps–oy.

And that concludes July! Whew. Ok August, I’m ready for you! I’m actually heading up to NJ/NYC this weekend for an engagement session hopefully if the rain clears out and then of course indulging in more foodie fun. For instant updates, be sure to follow my instagram.

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great weekend!


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