My First Hair Donation Experience + What to Expect

Hello everyone and happy Monday! If you’ve seen my instagram lately, you know that I’ve gone a little shorter with my hair cut and as promised from last week, I wanted to talk about my first hair donation experience. I’m not sure why I’ve never done it before but around spring last year, I had my hair cut off about 6″, I believe. Somehow, I got on the topic of hair donation with my hair stylist then and she mentioned that typically the minimum to donate is 10″. It then dawned on me that I could’ve donated my hair if I waited a little longer.

Since then, I did a little research on hair donation and found that Pantene actually takes a minimum of 8″ which means that I could donate earlier. I’ve always have pretty healthy hair–haven’t dyed it for more than ten years and 99% of the time, I air-dry my hair and my usage with heat products are kept to a minimum. My hair has always been really shiny, smooth and silky to the touch and pretty much dries straight after air-drying. Even Marcie, my hair stylist, made a comment that whoever has my hair will be lucky and I certainly hope so. I want to help bring confidence back to those cancer patients going through a tough time and be able to feel beautiful again. Because of this, it just makes sense to be able to donate and help a good cause while I’m at it. Win-win.

my new hair cut


To help with my donation process, I’ve enlisted the help of Jenn from CIBU and Bubbles Hair Salon team with this collaboration video that you’ll see after the jump. I’ve known Jenn for awhile now in my early youtube years and knew that I wanted her to be involved in this collaboration with me. We’ve always kept in touch and I’ve had nothing but good experience with CIBU products and the teams at Bubble hair salon. So we set up a time last Monday to make the cut, which you can see the vlog. Coincidentally, this happened a few days before my birthday and what a great birthday gift to me to be able to help donate for a great cause.

Here are some quick steps and tips that I’ve been doing for years and recently prior to donating my hair that I thought would be useful in case you want to donate as well. I read it takes 8-15 ponytails to create one wig for cancer patients! That’s crazy to read that and I’m sure this won’t be the last time I donate for sure. If I can help in any way for a great cause, I would do my best to try.

Steps and tips on healthy hair

  • To help with hair growth and this is optional if you want to take it, but I’ve been trying out these biotin vitamin gummies from Nature’s Bounty that are delicious to help strengthen hair and nail growth.
  • Aside from keeping heat product usage to a minimum, I use a deep conditioning balm for 10 minutes to help keep my hair smooth and healthy about once a week.
  • I don’t comb my hair at all but if you must comb your hair, be sure to do it in the shower with a wide tooth comb–you can avoid less breakage this way.
  • Needless to say this, but refrain from bleach, dye or chemical use in hair while growing out the length
  • Get trims every three months to get rid of any dead ends

Tips on donating hair

  • Be sure to tie off each hair section before cutting and measure the cut from above the hair tie to be sure you have 8″ minimum (hair less than 8″ can be pinned up from the section to not include as part of donation).
  • Layered hair is okay to donate as long as the shortest length is at 8″. Since I had layered here, Marcie tied off my hair into three sections before making the cut. She wanted split the back into two, but I only brought three hair ties with me.
  • Cut the hair dry and do not style after cut.
  • Tie off both ends of section with hair tie; place in zip lock bag and send in padded envelope to be donated

You can read more FAQs here if you still have questions on donating your hair. After going through the experience, I’m definitely glad I did it and if I have the chance to do it again, I will.

Below are some of CIBU top product favorites and have quickly become my favorite as well to help me style my shorter hair now. The products always smell amazing and never leave my hair heavy after styling. Anytime I used CIBU products on my bridal clients when styling their hair for their engagement session prior to shooting, they’ve always commented on how great the product smells!


Also, how cute are the product names:

  1. Shang Hai Volumizing Mousse–been using this product for many years and love how it helps hold the style without leaving any heavy residue behind.
  2. Drynamic–this item speeds up the drying process so you can use less heat on your hair and also packed with argan oil nutrients to nourish your hair as well
  3. Spring Roll Hydrating Shampoo & Conditioner (these ones are new to me, but been using both products past few days and have quickly become a favorite as well)
  4. Sticky Rice pomade–keeps your flyaways and create texture in your hair without leaving your hair heavy
  5. Winter Lotus lotion–an argan oil lotion for hand and body. I’m truly a sucker for anything that has argan oil lately. I’ve been using this since last winter and absolutely love it moisturizes my skin and leaves such a heavenly but not heavy scent behind. Currently, you can get this lotion added to your cart free with any purchase over $25.

Also, thanks to CIBU, you can use the code “LaBelleMel” to get 15% off on any CIBU order so if you haven’t tried out their products yet, here’s a chance to do so!

I’m still getting used to the shorter length but am loving the way it turned out. Definitely be sure to stay tuned to my youtube channel as I cannot wait to start styling hair tutorials for shorter hair soon.

I hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for reading as always!


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