City Lights | Crop Top + High-Waisted Shorts

Hello hello and happy Tuesday! Apologies for the lack of posts as of late. I have been busy trying to use up my bikram package deal before it expires end of this week and also have been organizing and rearranging my place. I now feel a little more settled in and even carved out a little area for my office space.

Anyways, if you follow my instagram, then you’d know that I was in LA this past weekend. I didn’t get home until 9pm last night but almost didn’t make my flight! I set the alarm to go off in the morning but unfortunately forgot to set it for a weekday instead of weekend. My super shuttle called to pick me up but I didn’t hear my phone cause it’s usually on vibrate. Needless to say that I literally had an hour to get to the airport and by the time uber came and picked me up, I got to the airport the same time as my departure time. Luckily my flight delayed for 30 minutes, so I was able to catch my flight just in time–again, thank god for pre-check! I still didn’t really sleep until 1am because a ton of boxes (and I mean a ton–like 10) arrived over the weekend, so I was busy unpacking those and organizing my closet a little bit. I think I am maybe 80% done with how I want the place to look–just need a few more items to make the place complete.

Anyways, while in LA, I was able to do one outfit shoot thanks to Crystal, who picked me up and surprised me with the most loveliest sign. I stayed with her for most of the weekend and hung out with Anne and Janelle before staying my last night with Elle. Many thanks girls for hosting me–miss you all already!

LA_OOTD _Crop Top _ High-Waisted_Shorts_1
LA_OOTD _Crop Top _ High-Waisted_Shorts_2
LA_OOTD _Crop Top _ High-Waisted_Shorts_3
LA_OOTD _Crop Top _ High-Waisted_Shorts_4
LA_OOTD _Crop Top _ High-Waisted_Shorts_5
Outfit: Express top (cute similar version here and here) // ASOS shorts (old/seen here/similar cute ones here) Saint Laurent bag // Steve Madden heels (old/cute version here) // David Yurman bracelet // H&M hat // Ray-Ban aviators // Burberry watch

I mainly go to LA just to see these girls and of course trying out new restaurants, but this time around, I wanted to try to hike up to the Hollywood sign this time around. Unfortunately, they closed off the closest point where it would’ve taken us 30 minutes to hike up and we had to go to Griffith Observatory to park there which was a 2-hr hike. I wanted to catch the sunset but we just didn’t have time so hiked half-way and just enjoyed the view.

LA_OOTD _Crop Top _ High-Waisted_Shorts_6
LA_OOTD _Crop Top _ High-Waisted_Shorts_7
LA_OOTD _Crop Top _ High-Waisted_Shorts_8

LA is definitely lovely at night minus the chilly factor. I can’t wait to be back again! For more food pics, feel free to check out my instagram.

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!


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