Product Review | Benefit Cosmetic’s “They’re Real” Push-Up Liner

Hey everyone! So I was really excited to try out this Benefit They’re Real Push-Up liner, which KL was super kind enough to wait in line for me the next day at GenBeauty in LA a few weeks ago. Sadly, I just got around to using the liner over the weekend and let me tell you girls, I really really had high hopes for this liner. I mean, a gel liner in a push-up pen format? That’s genius. Unfortunately, it wasn’t what I had expected as you can see from my review after the jump.



  • Color was black and opaque
  • Once set, the liner was definitely waterproof and longwearing. Benefit does sell They’re Real Remover just for this product line, but I was able to remove it with an oil-base makeup remover
  • Has a soft Accu-flex felt angle tip which was nice and easy to use (see below for the con)


  • Was not smudge-proof–unfortunately I do have semi-oily lids and this transferred to my upper lid. I didn’t have this problem with my MAC fluidline gel liner.
  • Although the angle tip was a great touch to the liner, it was a little awkward at times especially when creating that wing. The tip was also a little thick for my taste since I prefer my liner to be thin and not so thick. However, you can get a thin line with practice.
  • The product came out a little chalky in my opinion (as you can see on my hand above), not drawing in a smooth line which in turn had me go over the line several times to create a smooth line. This end up creating a thicker line than I intended after going over the line again.

Benefit They’re Real liner launches next month in July, exact date is TBD retailing at $24. The reviews so far that I’ve seen have been fairly positive or average, unfortunately this product just didn’t do it for me. I was really hoping that it would, because I love the staying power of a gel liner. There is actually another liner that I will be testing out soon, so stay tuned for that post in a few weeks!

Hope you all have a great day and thanks for reading!


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  1. I havent heard the best things about this liner, but regardless I want to try it out! It’s being so hyped up. I wish the price point was a little lower though, or it’d be nice if they had an introductory sale or something!

    Michelle | A Lovely Allure

    • Yes, I agree! Definitely try it out if you like since the results will differ per person. I personally did not prefer it. =D