Product Face-Off | Anker External Battery + Cheero Battery Plus

TGIF! Last month when I was talking about my spring favorites, I had mentioned the Anker external battery, which was also featured in my “Top 6 Essential Items to Have in My Bag” post.

Now that summer is here, I had switched to a smaller bag and noticed that the Anker took up most of the space in my crossbody bag. So I was actually thinking about getting a smaller battery charger to carry on a regular basis and leave the bigger charger to use when I travel. Cheero must have read my mind, because they asked me to check out their external battery, the Cheero Battery Plus priced at $49.99 and there is also the mini version priced at $39.99.

For this review to be fair, I am going to do a face-off between the Anker and the Cheero Battery Plus excluding the mini version although I do want to talk about it too.

Both chargers have a low battery indicator telling you how much battery you have left before needing to recharge as well as having two USB port to charge additional units. Both chargers come with a pouch and a USB charging cord to charge the batteries.

The differences between the two right off the bat is the width and height of Cheero compared to Anker. Anker is a little thinner in width size than Cheero, but longer in height. The mini Cheero one however measures in 1.29 inches in height compared to Cheero at 2.9 inches and Anker at 5.39 inches respectively.


The charging time between the two batteries takes about roughly the same time. I have been carrying the mini version with me and at first, I thought I wouldn’t like it as much because I couldn’t tell if the battery was low. Well, the “eyes” on the mini actually turns into different shades of color ranging from yellow to orange to red colors to indicate how much charge is left. And when you charge the battery up again, the colors flash from red to orange to yellow and then stops flashing when charging is complete. That was neat and kinda little scary; almost looked as if my charger was a little possessed. =P

Anyways, Cheero also has other external battery types–loving this sleek champagne version as well as these another champagne version in regular size and mini one

Do you currently own an external battery charger for your electronic devices and if so, please let me know what they are? I love to know!

Anyways, I am heading up to Philly for the weekend to visit home as well as shooting with another photographer. Thanks for reading as always and have a lovely weekend, everyone!


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