Instamix | May 2014 Monthly Roundup

Happy Tuesday everyone! I flew in late last night and just catching up on work but wanted to do a quick May roundup from my instagram. Can you believe it’s already June!? Oy vey. May was a busy month of travels and of course eating, so let’s get started, shall we?

So starting from top to bottom, left to right for May, I:

  1. As mentioned in my Spring favorites video, I have been playing around with this macro lens band that I absolutely love. Definitely adds a bit of oompf to your instagram photos if you need it! More examples here and here.
  2. Did a chocolate tour around Georgetown visiting various sweet spots in the area–variation of this outfit details here.
  3. Visited hubs in Chicago for a very short weekend–outfit details here. I’m glad it was at least warm that weekend so we were able to do a mini tour around Chicago. I also never get tired of the foodie scene.
  4. Visited home the following weekend for my baby sister’s graduation–last one of the family! Also had some baby time selfie with my niece. She’s such a natural already!
  5. Did a mini tour around DC for Memorial Day weekend–photos and outfit details here.
  6. Been a little obsessed with brussel sprouts–made it three times for the month of May. They are high in Vitamin C and A and apparently helps to detox your body naturally. Who knew! All I know is that they are absolutely delish when roasted.
  7. Went to LA this past weekend for 2nd Annual GenBeauty event Friday night and all day Saturday. KL and I booked a room through airbnb for the first time and it was such a quaint little cottage-y decor. We had a great experience there and definitely recommend the site!
  8. Had to stop in at Milk shop of course to try out another flavor of macaron ice cream sandwich on Sunday after yummy brunch at Faith & Flower with a few photog ladies in the area.
  9. Lastly, went to a soondubu place, Beverly Tofu Soup House to end this LA trip with Crystal, KL, and Jenny

That’s it. These are just a tidbit of photos from my instagram, so feel free to head over there if you want to see more. Now time to find some coffee so I can stay awake for the rest of the day. Hope you all have a great one and thanks for reading!


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