How-to DIY | 4 Ways to Use Chalkboard Paint

TGIF everyone! Since I started using chalkboard paint on this frame recreated from Evelina, I wanted to compile a list of DIY projects that would involve chalkboard paint as well. See more after the jump.


chalkboard wine glass

So I know I don’t drink, but I do have these wine glasses on hand just in case I have company over for dinner to entertain. After a few too many drinks, wouldn’t it be nice to tell apart which wine glass is yours by writing your name on the stem base of your wine glass?

I didn’t end up using the paint tape since the plastic dish that I used from a Chinese takeout place was shallow enough to cover just the base of the stem. Once you have the bases covered in chalkboard paint, let it dry for at least a day before use.


gift tags

There are so many reasons to love this idea. Not only is it environmentally-friendly meaning your recipient can re-use the gift tags, but that it is such a creative way to add just the right touch to any gift.


beverage name tags

Same idea like the wine glass chalkboard, but you get to actually use this beverage name tag on any type of cups. I love these mason jar ones that have the handles and makes any drink just fancy enough for you and your guests. Also feel free to head over to my food blog for the strawberry lemonade recipe pictured in the photos below!


beverage dispenser chalkboard tag

I love a good beverage dispenser and if you have several, it’s nice to have these chalkboard tags to tell apart the drinks. Ideally, I wanted to find circular stone to use the chalkboard paint on, but if you can’t find one in a pinch, you can use these cardboard circular ones found at Michael’s.

Materials used:
Wood cutouts in shape of choice (Michael’s)
Chalkboard paint spray can (Michael’s)
Chalkboard liquid paint (Home Depot)
Paint tape (Home depot – but ended up not even needing it since the plastic dish was shallow enough)
Plastic dish for the chalkboard paint
Twine (Home Depot)
Wine glasses
Chalk (Michael’s)
Clothes pins (Michael’s)
Beverage dispenser
Mason jar drinking glass with handles (bought at TJ Maxx (engraved version here))

And that’s it! I hope this tutorial inspires you to get out there and see what other ways you can use chalkboard paint in your household. As for the weekend, I’m picking up my friend, KL, from the airport later this afternoon and can’t wait to show her around the DMV area–excited.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


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