Instamix | April 2014 Monthly Roundup

Happy Friday!! I know I’ve mentioned before that I was going to do a monthly instamix post to replace my weekly ones, but somehow that got lost in the mix (pun intended). So here’s an April instamix for ya to start the post back up again and quickly go through what I did the past month. I’ll try to keep this up but looks like May is going to be one busy month–not due to weddings, but more to traveling. Anyways, let’s get started, shall we?

So starting from top to bottom, left to right for April, I:

  1. Was invited to a Veuve Clicquot champagne tasting event to kick off Cherry Blossom festival celebration and wore this lace dress that I got from Chicwish and my David Yurman pendant in morganite (a pretty pink color to go with cherry blossom theme). The only thing about the dress that I wanted to comment was that I wish it was made with better material–good thing I got it on sale plus discount, otherwise, it wouldn’t be worth the cost. I also did my hair quickly using techniques shown in my “back-to-basics curling” post.
  2. Got invited to a VIP media event at Clarins in Bloomingdales and was spoiled by so many great goodies that I can’t way to try out and do a complete review soon. I have also teamed up with Clarins for their #30daysofBeautiful Sweepstake Challenge so be sure to enter if you haven’t done so and win a bottle of the double serum to try for yourself. Winner is chosen daily!
  3. Flew to Tampa for a very short weekend to help my cousin with some food photography for her family’s restaurant. It was a long 9-hr day shoot which ended with us locked out of friend’s apartment. Hey, at least we got fed really well and I got to enjoy 80-degree weather, so couldn’t complain too much.
  4. Attended the preview event for the 2014 DC Design House for my day job where 9-10 designers go and pick a room to design. Each year, my company takes part to design a room or two which is pretty cool. All ticket sale proceeds go to benefit the Children’s National Health System and the event is still going on through May 11th. I must say, seeing the before and after transformation of the house was just amazing in this 8,000 square foot “mansion” complete with an intercom system on the top floor and a full library–say what? Reminded me of Downton Abbey and how folks were living back then in this DC house.
  5. Dabbled with a few recipes and one of them was shrimp tacos. This has quickly become a staple recipe that is so simple to put together and so delish. Win-win
  6. Of course, who could forget about the cherry blossoms? Each year, I get more excited to see those lovely blooms surface after a cold winter and they never fail to keep me happy at the sight of them.
  7. Had my sister visit me who brought down my nephew and baby niece along with her hubs for the Cherry Blossom festival so I got some baby time with baby Quin-y. She was wearing one of my gifts to her from gap which looked über adorbs on her–totally not being biased at all. =P She seriously had cheeks going on for days. I also had Frozen in my blu-ray player and my nephew wanted to watch it for the umpteenth time and I could hear him singing to himself the “let it go” song during his bath time. Sigh, miss them both already!
  8. Also, couldn’t stop buying tulips and found these exotic-looking ones at Wholefoods. They didn’t last as long though compared to regular tulips–weird.
  9. Shot a wedding that was located in Hollywood, MD–ironic, right? Even more ironic was that the hotel was located in California, MD. Huh, had no idea these two cities existed in MD! Anyways, the wedding venue was on a plantation and everything was absolutely beautiful. The bride and her friends did an amazing job DIY-ing the wedding and took me a good 45 minutes just to take photos of detail shots–absolute love.

Whew, and that’s it for the month of April! May, I’m ready for you! One other thing that I wanted to mention was that my spring allergies were not bad at all this time around and I was quite surprised. The past two acupuncture sessions that I had for the past two seasons actually helped and I didn’t even have to go for another one this season. Awesome and I highly recommend for those who have bad allergies to go to one! You will be happy and relieved. Depending on the level of allergies you have though, it may take a couple of sessions, but for me, it only took one 30-minute session each season to be able to breathe through spring. I say hallelujah to that.

Feel free to follow me on instagram if you want quicker updates. Thanks for reading everyone and have a great weekend!!


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