Back to Basics Episode 2: How to Get the Perfect Curl using 4 Types of Iron Tools + Curling Tips

Hey everyone! When I made my last “Back-to-Basics” video teaching 5 braiding techniques that you can do for your hair, I had the honest intention to continue the series to include more. Well, I guess that didn’t really happen…until now. Oops. Better late than never! =P

Anyways, I got quite a few comments on how I did my hair for the Veuve Clicquot champagne tasting event few weeks ago and I thought to myself, what a great way to jumpstart the “back-to-basics” series again and this time showing you how to curl your hair using four types of iron tools.

So before we start, always protect your hair using any type of heat protectant spray when using heated tools. I prefer Tresemme specifically with keratin in it for giving my hair nourishment.

The Tools: (in order of video appearance)

Chi ceramic flat iron
Conair 1.5″ barrel
Sedu 1″ clipless iron
Conair Infiniti pro ceramic curling iron


Tips for the Perfect Curl

  • If your hair is like mine, slippery and hard to hold a curl long, add mousse or hair spray all over before curling hair. If you have time, spray each strand with thin layer of hair spray before curling. Finish your hair with final hair spray to have your curls lasting all night.
  • Follow the shape of the barrel or rather the curve of the clip. (Disregard this when using a clipless iron) You want your hair to lay flat against the clip of the barrel to avoid kinks or crease in your hair.
  • Timing–for loose curls–have thicker strands around 1.5″ barrel and less time around barrel; for tight curls–have thinner strands around 1″or less barrel and let strand stay longer around barrel.
  • Alternate the direction you curl your hair so that the curls do not clump together and you will have nice individually curled strands.

Sometimes when I do these hair tutorials, I always tend to forget to talk about the basics, because I’ve done them so often that they’re second nature to me. Always remember though that everything comes with practice. I did not achieve that perfect curl right off the bat.

Anyways, I hope this was helpful. Thanks for reading and have a great one!


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