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Spring Bold | Scarf Print Dress + Red Details

Hello hello! Right after my Frozen tutorial, hubs was kind enough to help me with a few outfit photos, so hence why I’m all done up. It’s the same makeup look as Elsa’s, but just added red lip gloss to go with the dress and quickly whipped my hair up into a bun. As for […]

Clarins Paris #30DaysofBeautiful Double Serum Challenge + Sweepstake

Hey everyone! A few weeks back, I was invited to attend a VIP media event with Clarins at Bloomingdale’s and got introduced to a whole slew of new, upcoming and currently raving products. One of which was the double serum that won all sorts of awards. The serum itself has 20 pure plant extracts that […]

Disney’s Frozen | Elsa’s Makeup + 2-in1 Hairstyles + Sequin Ombré Dress

Hey everyone! Sooo, I don’t know if you know this, but I am a little bit obsessed with Frozen. Just a tad. Anyways, I’ve been wanting to do a tutorial on Elsa’s makeup and hair look during her coronation and also her “Let It Go” scene but finally was able to find some time to […]

Airy | Leather Lace Top + Swooshy Calf-Length Skirt

Hey everyone! Here’s the last outfit from Florida and I have to thank my baby sister for helping me take the past few outfit photos. She’s also brutally honest and never fails to let me know if there was an angle that made me look too big or why I was making a face during […]

Easter Sunday | Baby Pink Trench + Spring Ombré Shift Dress

Happy Easter! And what an appropriate way to celebrate Easter than with my outfit below. So there’s a story behind this dress that I bought late fall last year. It was also around the time that I was watching the series finale of Dexter and the character “Hannah” happened to be wearing this dress in […]

My Current Haircare Routine & Tips on Healthy Hair

Hey everyone! Its been awhile since I last talked about my haircare routine that I don’t even remember when was the last time. Anyways, thought I let you take a peak into my shower to see what products I have been loving and what products I have been trying out when it comes to my […]

Back to Basics Episode 2: How to Get the Perfect Curl using 4 Types of Iron Tools + Curling Tips

Hey everyone! When I made my last “Back-to-Basics” video teaching 5 braiding techniques that you can do for your hair, I had the honest intention to continue the series to include more. Well, I guess that didn’t really happen…until now. Oops. Better late than never! =P Anyways, I got quite a few comments on how […]

Under the Bay Sun| Ruffled Tank + Maxi Skirt

Hey all! As promised in my last post, I had mentioned that I’ve been on a crossbody bag kick and here’s one from Saint Laurent in the baby version of Sac de Jour. In this outfit, I’m going for all shades of pink as well as throwing in purple only because I love this shade […]