Business Casual Friday | Spring Whites, Stripes & Brights

Happy Casual Friday! When it comes to casual wear Fridays for business environment, there are some companies out there who are still wary to incorporate it into the work week for fear that many people might translate that to be really really casual. Believe me when I say that I’ve heard plenty of shocking examples that were inappropriate for the workforce environment.

Although companies say that you can dress down, it typically does not mean that you could come into a work environment dressed like you were about to head to the beach. Items such as flip flops, shorts or skirt length going above your middle finger tips (measured with your hands towards side of your legs) should be avoided at the office at all costs.

Casual wear does mean that you come in dressed as if you were to see a client, but still look presentable in jeans on a Friday afternoon. Do not be afraid to incorporate bright colors and prints to your casual wear to show off some of that personality and be relate-able to clients.

LaBelleMel_Spring Whites & Brights_1
LaBelleMel_Sping Whites & Brights_2
LaBelleMel_Spring Whites & Brights_3
Outfit: Zara blazer // H&M top // Seven for all Mankind jeans (c/o T.J. Maxx)(similar) // Coach bag (old) // Ivanka Trump pumps // Warby Parker sunnies // Kate Spade smile, love bracelets // BCBG cuff (old) // Michael Kors watch // Stella Dot Christina bracelet

I’ve been running low on sleep past few days, but especially last night. I could not fall asleep until well passed 2AM. Note to self: do not drink bubble tea before bedtime. Le sigh. I hope this day goes by extra fast for me!

Enjoy your upcoming weekend!


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