Top 6 Essential Items to Have in My Bag

Hey all! When it comes to what I carry in my bag, I am pretty much a no-fuss girl. Once I have my makeup on in the morning, I barely retouch throughout the day except to grab my lip balm.

Aside from carrying my phone and house keys, I thought it would be fun to narrow down my top 6 essential items that I must have at all times in my bag, so here goes:


  1. Anker External Battery Pack Charger–thanks to KL, I never leave the house without this one. I am on my phone a lot and the battery has been dying on me fairly quickly. There are slimmer versions out there, but I like that this unit has 10,000 mAh, which means it has enough juice to charge any usb unit up to 6 times before needing a recharge. You can charge it by using the cord it comes with to your laptop, but I find purchasing this outlet plug completes the recharge a lot faster. Warning though, it does take at least a couple of hours to recharge, so definitely charge the unit at night while you’re sleeping.
  2. Fresh Sugar Lip Balm in Petal–with the cold winter comes chapped, dry lips so this one has been my top fave lip product to keep them always moisturized. I talk about it more here.
  3. Elf Nail Polish Remover Pads–I change out my nail color quite often, so it helps to have these on hand to take off the color quickly when one or two nail colors decide to chip on me.
  4. Chance parfum by Chanel–I typically switch out my perfume at least once a year, but ever since I got Chance (pronounce “Shaunce” which means luck in French), I have not switched it out for a better scent. I use Travalo fragrance atomizer, which makes it very easy to transfer to the container and take my favorite perfume with me on the go.
  5. Skull Candy Headset–whether you’re traveling or heading to the gym, a good headset is a must to either drown out the background noise and listen to your favorite music or shows. These headsets are great for that and inexpensive as well.
  6. Matcha Green Tea (buy here or here)– One small packet of green tea provides five times as much antioxidants than any other fruits, helps boost memory and increases energy and endurance. Not to mention that you can drink it alone (just pour a packet into a bottle water and shake for ready to drink!), add it to a smoothie or juice and use it for baking. A very versatile item to have on hand at a moment’s notice. =)

So, there you have it–all 6 items that I can’t live without. What are your go-to items to have in your bag? I’d love to hear them!


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  1. notarichgirl says:

    The ELF nail polish remover wipes don’t work well for me at all. I feel like I need one wipe per nail. I LOVE that perfume too, it’s my favorite.

    • really?! I felt the oil-base on the wipes removes pretty well. maybe try to let the oil soak in on nail first before wiping off? I do find I need more than one though for darker colors.


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