Product Review | Revlon’s Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish

Hey all! Honestly, between you and I, I do NOT need anymore nail polishes. I actually got rid of a whole bunch prior to my move, so adding this product to my collection is a big deal. It was also just a random pick at CVS prior to my Chicago trip that I bought one to try and totally fell in love. I confess though, part of the reason why I even chose the product was due to the cute perfume packaging. Then saw a sale on Ulta and couldn’t resist picking up more. Isn’t that usually how the story goes?

Anyways, I am really glad that I did, because I’m just a little obsessed with it.




  • Lovely light citrus-y scent that lingers after application.
  • A thick application with one coat; perfect fill with two.
  • Fast drying–this was a surprise and a great one, because I tend to have no patience when it comes to drying my nails.
  • Plenty of color choices ranging with light to dark; shimmer to matte in 24 shades
  • The clever way of packaging the scented parfum polish in a perfume bottle–enough said
  • Great price at $5.99 and even better with a BOGO 50% off at Ulta



  • Some colors I wish were matte instead of shimmer such as Fresh Linen or Powder Puff, but not a big deal. I haven’t seen Pink Pineapple in person to know if that’s matte or shimmery.

As you can see, the pros more than outweigh the cons. Buy one and try it; you won’t regret it. =D


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