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My 6 Picks from SJP Collection for Nordstrom

Happy Friday all! It’s without a doubt that I shop at Nordstrom more than any other department stores out there only because I love their customer service and return policy. And now I’m even more in love because Sarah Jessica Parker decided to launch her first collection exclusively with Nordstrom. Being a big fan of […]

Winter Crop | Black & White + Camel

Hey everyone! I didn’t think crop top would be something I could be wearing during the Winter months until I came across this crop sweater below. I was surprised at how heavy the material was for the sweater, which kept me warm enough all right. The only complaint I may have with the sweater was […]

Top 6 Essential Items to Have in My Bag

Hey all! When it comes to what I carry in my bag, I am pretty much a no-fuss girl. Once I have my makeup on in the morning, I barely retouch throughout the day except to grab my lip balm. Aside from carrying my phone and house keys, I thought it would be fun to […]

Product Review | Revlon’s Parfumerie Scented Nail Polish

Hey all! Honestly, between you and I, I do NOT need anymore nail polishes. I actually got rid of a whole bunch prior to my move, so adding this product to my collection is a big deal. It was also just a random pick at CVS prior to my Chicago trip that I bought one […]

Chicago Casual Chic | Faux Fur Vest & Layered Necklace

Greetings! As you know I was in Chicago over the weekend, and although just the idea of the city brings chilly thoughts to mind, it was almost a challenge to pack something warm to wear as well as being fashionable at the same time. Before I left though, my friend reminded me to bring my […]

Chicago Foodie Edition

Hello all! Although I have President’s Day off today, I had to take my car into maintenance early this morning, so there was no sleeping in for me. Ah well, at least I have the rest of the day to make that up. As you know, I spent the weekend in chilly Chicago and we […]

4 Valentine’s Day Casual Hairstyles

Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I put together a tutorial so here’s one for Valentine’s Day coming up. The hairstyles are fairly simple and pretty quick aside from curling hair portion in first style. Also the fan bun below looks best with straight hair. Enjoy!

Vday Casual | Kiss & Metallic Pumps

Hey everyone! In light of Valentine’s Day coming up this Friday, here’s a fun casual outfit to celebrate with your loved ones and SO’s. If you need more ideas for casual wear, check out last year’s Valentine’s Day outfit post. I love red–it represents love, passion and since I’m Chinese, luck. And who doesn’t love […]